A date with Loki #1

A test to see if you are elligable to date Loki Laufeyson! He might do something sneeky though, so watch out! ;)

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A date with Loki #1
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Your closest friend put you on a date with Loki Laufeyson. Thing is, he's coming to YOUR apartment. What do you do to get ready?

Put on the kinkiest outfit, and set up the table with wine and biscuits.
You put on a suit and tie, and watch for him on the balcony. The table is set.
You pace around your apartment, thinking of what to say to him. The table is ready.
Put on your night gown, sit on the couch and wait. You are so nervous. You set up the table quickly.

You hear knocking on the door of your aparment. That must be him. You hear clanking, metal with wood. Why would he bring his septar? You think. You,...

Do one quick check to make sure the table looks nice, and walk over to the door. You open it.
Feel extremely embarrassed. You're only wearing your night gown! You slip on an oversized hoodie and walk to the door. You open it wearily.
You smile, knowing exsactly what to say. You walk over to the door. You open it confidently.
You get off the balcony, and step into your apartment. You are ready, fashion foward. You walk over to the door, and open it slowly, you realize you might look weird in a suit. Oh well.

You open the door and there he is. His hair,... It's down, and raven black. His eyes are green as grass. And his lips-,... You tell him to come inside. He walks into your apartment, and sets his septar gentley on the couch. He looks around and sees the table. He walks to it, and eyes the wine. He sits. He asks you to join him at the table. What do you do?

You walk over to the table and sit, just like he asked.
You glare at the septar, still wondering why he brought it. You walk over to the table and sit down.
You tell him "Your words are as smooth as silk.", walk over to the table, and sit down.
You smile to him, and walk over to sit at the table.

He smiles, puts his hand under his chin, and rests it down onto the table. (Loki) What do you like to do in your free time?

You say, "Oh, um... I'm very much into watching T.V."
You say, "I like to read, write, draw. Poems and songs are fun to write. I am currently in the middle of a good book, to."
You smile, and say, "I do a lot of running, moving, working out. I like to stay active."
You say, "I am very crafty. whatever I put my mind to, I can do it."

Now it's your turn. Ask him something.

"Do YOU like to write?" (Loki) "I don't write THAT much, but when I do, it's usually just in my journal."
"What physical activities do YOU do?" (Loki) "I like taking nice long walks in deserted areas. I am very secluded when I do physical activities." (You) Me to! (Loki smiles.)
Why does everybody call you mischievous? What is their problem? (Loki) I don't know, but they sure DO have a problem if they are calling me "crazy", and "mad"."
Why did you bring your septar? (Loki) Just in case. (You) In case of what? (Loki) In case I found something fasinating about you that I like. (You blush.)

He smiles, whatever your doing has him interested. (Loki) I like this type of wine, it is similar to the wine where I'm from. (You) Oh? (Loki) Yes, (Chuckles,) and did I mention that I like biscuits? (You) No. (Loki) You seem to know more about me than you think. (You blush.) That, is fasinating. Oh, and I like your outfit. What do you tell him next?

I,... This is just a hoodie. (Loki) (Laughs,) And I would like to see it off of you. (You turn beat red,) Oops, I am flirting! (You) (Smiles,) That you are. (Takes off hoodie, revealing tang-top.)
Oh, the dress? Pshh, it's nothing... (Loki) (Chuckles,) Oh, it's something. If you look THAT good to ME. (You blush so hard, and cover your face. You wish he would say more things like that.)
The suit? I'm practically sinking in it. It's to big for me. (Loki) I think it fits you just fine! (You frown, the suit really is a size big on you, and it costed more,) Here, let me see if I can tailor it for you. (You) What? How? (Loki) (Gets up, walks over to couch, picks up septar,) Watch. (He zaps your suit, and magicaly it practically molds to your body. You are so uncomferable, it fits perfectly now.
Oh, it's just a jean jacket. (Loki) No, it's a magnet. (You) A magnet? How? (Loki) I can't stop staring at you because it make you look good. (You) Oh... (You blush.)

You make him blush. (Loki) Give me your hand, my dear. (You) Ok. (You give him your hand unknowingly that he was going to kiss it. He traced kisses all up your arm, and makes you embarressed as hell. When he gets to your neck, he leaves a hickie, and you cry out. It hurts EXTREMLEY bad, but you asked for that, right? He then says, (Loki) I think I missed a spot. He then goes for your lips. No doubt, you kiss him back. You are hot, and he is freezing cold compared to you. You swap heat, and you get a little colder. You slowly let go of the kiss, and he is beat red. You did something right! (Loki) Was that brave enough? What do you say after THAT experience? Remember you just KISSED a frost-giant-god.

(You) Very, brave. (Loki) That was very nice. I would like to do it again soon. (You snicker.)
(You) Loki, that was,... amazing! (Loki) I could do it again. I-, I WANT to.
(You) You are SO good at that. I am surprised that it was that good, if you say you like to be secluded. (Smiles.) (Loki) I have my ways.
(You) I, I'm aroused. (Loki) Oh, did I do that? (You) Yes Loki, you can make someone else feel aroused. (Loki) I'll do it again then.

You smile, and for once in a long time you made him feel happy. (Loki) I want to-, I want to sleep with you. What do you say back?

(You) To soon, Loki.
(You) Me to!
(You) Um, I don't know. (Loki) Please? (You) Ok.
(You) You're that desprate. (Loki) No, I just love you. (You) Then yes.

(Loki) You are cold now, (He brushes his hand across your face,) (You) And you are warm, (You do the same.) (Loki smiles, and gets up from the table. So do you. He then does something unexpected. He walks up to you, cups your face in his hands, and kisses you. You kiss him back. This time, he puts his tounge in your mouth. You enjoy this better than the first one. You are completely turned on, and after the kiss is over, you hug him. He feels so happy around you. He hugs you back, no hesitation. You lead him to your bedroom, and he sits down onto the bed. You join him in bliss. You kiss him until your eyes get droopy, and you fall asleep. You wake up next to him. He took his suit off, which means he's comfertable being bare-cheasted around you. You choose not to wake him. You just sit there in bliss, thinking of the future you will have together. What do you feel about all of this?

This was a great quiz! Thank you for making it!
I thought this quiz was ok...
Just wanted to see what it would be like...
I didn't really like this quiz... Thanks anyway though!