What sans likes you?(girls only)

Have you wondered what sans likes you well lets find and this is my first quiz. There are a good amount of answers like Horror,Swap,Classic,Fresh,Dance,Error,and Ink. Sorry I don't have all of them.

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Hi i'm Frisk and this is Cara. I know every one hates question but what is your favorite color?

A nice shade of blue. Me:yay. Cara: Eww
Light Blue. Me:ok that is a nice color. Cara:BOO!
Any. Me: I can't argue. Cara:Red?(yes)
Neon colors. Me: I can see that from a mile away. Cara: WHY :c!
Rainbow. Me:so you like them all. Cara Red?(yes)
Black and Blue. Me ok. Cara: YES BLACK FOR HATE!

Next. Me: *brings our Horror* tell a question! Horror:whats your favorite weapon? Me: Seriously!

Stick. Me: yay no murderer! Cara and Horror:BOOOO!
Real Knife! Me:GENOCIDAL*slaps you in the back of the head*BAD! Cara and Horror:YESSS!
My Ballet shoes. Me: XD.Cara and Horror:How???
Why? All:Nothing!!!
My Dancing. All:You dance fight?
Imagination! Me:Ok. Cara and Horror:Thats Inks match
Turning people into puppets. Me:*runs* Bye. Both:Creepy and Cool

Me:*Brings out Sans*Ask a Question. Sans:Who would you kill to save someone.

Me. Me:well then you saved all of us. Sans:well thats a relief
EVERYONE! Sans:then you're gonna have a bad time.*takes out Blasters. Me:*Face-palms*No sans wait!
No-one there has to be a better way. Me:There might be. Cara:Ewwww. Sans:*says to Cara Shut Up Brat*
Stay cool and jump off a cliff. All:How is that possible
*Dances*And says Kill Myself. All:......
Paint a better way in my head. All:ok then.
Kill 2 to save 2

Me:*brings out Swap sans. Swap:Do you like to cook?

Only to make ketchup. Me:You don't cook to make Ketchup so Ketchup on you recipes.Swap:NO PUNS!!!!
I cook the souls of the innocent! Me: *Slaps you in the back of the head BAD!*
TACOS! Swap:YASSSSSSS!!!!!! Me and Chara:...........
Anything cool. All:Ok
I don't cook I dance. All:...............
If cooking was Art. All:thats Ink no doubt
No I don't eat. All:How do you survive?

Me:*brings in Fresh*Tell a Question. Fresh:What is your favorite route

Pacifist for everyone
Always pacifist
Save all the Au's be a pacifist
Destroy The AU's be Genocidal

Me:*Brings out Dance* Tell a question. Dance:Do you dance? Me: Knew it and I do ballet

If I was asleep. Me:.......
Killing is my dancing. Me:*Slaps you in the back of the head*BAD!
I don't know how :c. All: We can teach you!
Free dance only. Me:I can't argue. Dance:ok
Ballet. Me:I do that too! Dance:Double thumbs up
I paint people dancing does that count? All:yes and no
I use puppets like you to dance. Me:*runs*

Me:*Brings out Ink*Tell a question Ink. Ink:What do you do in your spare time?

Sleep. All:Why?
MURDER! Me:*Slaps 20 time in the back of your head *BAD!
Cook. Me:Ok
Act awesome. All:..................
Dance. Me*has two thumbs up*.
Paint. Ink:yes!
Destroy timelines. Me and Chara:-_-

Me:*Brings in Error*Tell a Question. Error:what would you do if someone killed all your family?

They would be burning now. All:well ok then
Nothing they are dead already. Cara:YAS
I can't kill. Cara:I'll teach you =}
Freak out and kill them. All:.........
Dance and stab at the same time. Cara:Teach me!!=]
Doodle them dead. Cara: how does that work?
Make them another puppet. Me:omg help

Now is fate

Fate plz
FaTe NoW