A sleepover with Oka ruto (Yandere simulator)

A sleepover with Oka ruto (Yandere simulator)

H-hello.. A-are you a demon?.. have you come to hurt me?.. O-or do you really w-want to be my.. F-friend?.. (WARNING! DARK AT TIMES!)

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You wake up on the roof of Akademi high school, you remember going up there to have some peace and quiet and you must have fallen asleep at some point, but you then notice it's almost night time. what do you do?

Freak out and head to the gates, screaming for someone to let you out.
Head inside, and look around the school in hopes that someone else is there to.
Growl in annoyance and head inside the school.
Just stay where i am in hopes someone might see me.

No matter what you chose you end up heading inside, but you hear crying coming from one of the rooms.. what do you do?

Cautiously open the door, they might need help after all..
Enter the room, hiding a knife i got from the cooking club room behind my back.
Open the door and tell them to stop crying, then just start complaining about the situation.

You notice it's a girl who's in your class, you remember her name is.. Oka Ruto? Well.. You hope that's her name anyway's. How do you react/what do you do?

Ask her cautiously if she's ok.
Continue to complain about the situation.
Laugh at her and call her the "Creepy Occult Loving girl"
Close the door and smirk, as you approach her you reveal the knife in your hand..

If you chose the first option: "Y-yes i-i'm fine.. I-i'm sorry.."
If you chose option two: she just looks at you, starting to get a bit annoyed by all your complaining.
If you chose the third option: She starts crying
If you chose the final option: She looks at you wide eyed, obviously terrified, she begs for you to spare her.

What do you do next?

You laugh even louder as she cries more.
You cautiously go over to her and hug her, as you can tell she needs it.
You give her an annoyed look since you noticed she looks annoyed, but you continue complaining.
You laugh evilly and move closer to her, the knife now in plain sight.

If you chose option 1: She runs out of the room, crying
If you chose option 2: She looks at you in suprise and tenses up at first, not used to anyone being nice to her..
If you chose the third option: She leaves the room just to get away from you and all your complaints
If you chose option 4: She starts crying out of fear and tries to back away from you

What do you do next?

You stab her and laugh insanely, torturing her for a while, but after a while you finish her off
Tell her it's ok and comfort her while you continue to hug her, she falls asleep eventually and you fall asleep soon after.
You look at where she left in confusion, but soon start complaining again, now alone in the room
You hear something behind you.. you turn around and notice a DEMON behind you! it attacks and kills you swiftly