What's your subculture?

What's your subculture?

A subculture can be defined as "a group of people with a culture (whether distinct or hidden) which differentiates them from the larger culture to which they belong." Subcultures help individuals find niches within a shared culture which celebrates mutual interests and ways of life. Subcultures are notorious for going against the grain and drifting from the accepted norm. Subcultures are often characterized by aspects of personal expression such as music, clothing, political stances, and socioeconomic statuses. In this quiz you will answer questions in relation to different preferences you may have that effect your culture. From there, the generator will match you with the subculture your interests align with the most, alongside a brief explanation

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How would you describe your music taste?


Choose an artist to have dinner with

Jimi Hendrix
Brandon Urie
Kurt Kobain
Bon Iver

What political issue do you feel the most strong feelings for?

Anti War
Anti Big Government
Pro LGBT rights
Pro Environmentalism

Which instrument do you enjoy the most?

Acoustic guitar
Electric guitar

Where would you like to live?

New York City

Choose a weekend activity:

Music festival with your friends
Hanging out at a coffee shop
Going to a concert with your friends
Skating at the local skate park

Which statement do you most identify with?

Popular society lacks authenticity
We are born in a world pitted against us
The government is a corrupt system
Love is the answer to the world's problems

Which item would you most likely buy?

Vinyl record
Leather Jacket
Flower headband
Skinny Jeans

Choose a band

The Rolling Stones
Neutral Milk Hotel
The Grateful Dead
Fall Out Boy

What decade would you like to live in?