Do you manage money well?

Do you manage money well?

Do you spend it all, save it, give it to charity, are you responsible with it

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How much money do you have

5 bucks that I found in my pockets
10-30$ that I earned (can't wait to spend it)
25-70$ yay I'm rich (kind of)
*looks in piggy bank* I've got nothing

Where are you going shopping

The mall!! Duh
Thrift store
I don't need to shop I get hand me downs
Walmart, target, sometimes some other stuff
A bit of each

Will you save your money

I try but it only lasts a few weeks maybe less
I guess

How much money are you willing to spend

As much as I have
About 10$
Nothing I'm saving it all
Quite a bit
It really depends

How much will you donate to charity

Nothing it's all for me, myself, and I
50 and higher

This quiz is over

Aww bye :(
Have a lovely day
Whatever your probably lying

I lied you guessed it
Your going to spend...