What type of Qfeaster are you? (1)

Are you the nice one? The ranter? The clown? The picture poster? The artist? The adviser? The emotional one? Find out now!

published on July 24, 2015107 responses 26
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Someone posts a link on your wall. You click the image and you see porn pictures. What would you do?

Say: You can't filth my mind, you numb scull!
Respond: Um...why did you post this on my wall? I don't find this pleasant....
*Write a rant after you spazz out on the person saying how disgusted you were*
Say: You know, you really need to keep this stuff off your mind. You're disgusting many Qfeasters. If you want to continue, you might as well find a porn website. -_-
*Screenshot what the Qfeaster done, just in case someone asks for evidence*
*Continue drawing your requests and roleplaying, ignoring the son of a gun*
*Get offended with it, but delete and continue with your life*

You are minding your own business on Qfeast. Someone posts on your wall. This person asks to Roleplay with you, but is known as the worst roleplayer yet. What would you do?

*Confess that roleplaying isn't the best for him and he shouldn't do it all the time but you would like to have a conversation with him so you won't hurt his feelings*
*Respond anyways. It would be rude if you didn't reply. Also, continue until the person finally goes offline*
*Don't respond at all* Don't he have better things to do?!
ALRIGHT! YOU WANNA RP?! WE CAN RP! :-D *Trying not to be rude*
If I missed his posts, come up to him later after all my requests are done and RP with him for a little while.

You log on Qfeast. And you click the notification button. What makes most of your notifications?

*Sigh* Qfeast's stupid posts that says: "You haven't posted in a long time to______" and page subscriptions... WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG?! Why do no one talk to me? :c
People posting: XD and LOL because I go around making Qfeast happy! :3 And sometimes random conversations!
A lot/little bit of RP's, a little bit of Qfeast's posts and a little of page subscriptions and memberships.
People asking me for advice in PM and anything a normal Qfeaster would have in their notification box.
People agreeing with my rants, wanting me to write more. Love to write a storm. >:) and/ or any people asking/telling me things....thats all really.
Picture requests and I mean lots of them. If no requests, maybe a little bit of people complimenting it. :)
Responses from my pictures, regular stuff.

What emotion do you hold when you browse the Qfeast world?

A feeling to be silly! Who wants to have a wacko RP with me?! :P
A feeling to share a piece of my life.
Imagination! :D
I feel happiness as I say hi to all my Qfeast friends/followers.
Sad....no one hangs out with me....or respond to my posts.
A feeling to help someone.

Oh no! Qfeast got themselves a new Qfeast bully on the lose! The bully posts mean, obnoxious and untrue things on someone's wall. Who are you in the situation?

*SPAM HIM random messages! I'll get all my friends to help me end this madness and eventually he'll be annoyed by it and leave!*
*Don't make such a big deal on what he says. Kill the bully with kindness*
I would really stay out the situation, but I would make a rebellion poster against him for the rebellion Qfeasters.
*Tell him off because you're sick of Qfeast's madness*
*Snap a screenshot of all of his approaches and post them to warn people about him/her*
*Talk to him. Maybe this person have a bad life and is taking it out on the wrong people*
I would be so offended if he posted something about me...I'm too sensitive!

Qfeast pastime?

Writing rants, arguing with opinions.
Saying hi to everyone.
I don't think I have one...all I do is bug people to talk to me all day...
Making Qfeasters laugh, making up conversations out of the blue.
Helping people get over things.
Posting pictures.
Creative RPs, coloring bases or drawing from scratch.

Someone wronged you. How would you react?

*Rant to Qfeast about how your friend was dumb for wronging you, thinking about breaking up the friendship*
*Torture her, spam her because you want to know why she's angry at you*
*Give her some time, then forgive her when shes ready*
Great, my life is ruined. That was my friend
*Ask them why you're the one that they dislike, trying to get as much information as possible*
*Post a picture of it and show Qfeast*

Which one are you?

Clowning, hilarious
Sad, depressed
In love with drawing and RP
Stressed out, angry
Loving the camera, dude!
Need help? How can I serve you?