Will I go out with you?

I'm a 15 girl . I'm gay so girls only please... Be honest please I want honest results.:)

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What colour hair do you have?

I have Brown hair
I have Blonde hair
I have Black hair
I have Ginger hair
I have Dyed hair

What colour eyes do you have?

I have blue eyes
I have green eyes
I have brown eyes
My eye logout isn't mentioned here

If I was having a panic attack what would you do?

I would comfort you and try to calm you
Erm... Run away I hate weepy girls
Kiss you?hug you?erm...tickle you?
I'd do my own thing and try to cheer you

What do you think of : waist length brown hair grey greeny blue eyes and a couple of freckles on the bridge of the nose?

Sooooo Cute
Not my type
I prefer blondes

If I sang out of tune would you stand up and walk out on me?

Hell yeah
No I'd support you
Maybe maybe not depends on the song...

Right its a Friday.. Parents out and we have five movies to pick out of

Mamma Mia
Beauty and the beast( life adaptation )

Right so we've got a movie what do we do if it's a horror?

Scream and laugh together
Cuddle each other and hide behind pillows
Laugh at each others faces
Pretend to not be scared then ever so slowly
get closer till e are holding hands and waiting
for the gore

If my parent tried showing you baby photos of me what would you do?

Bring on the baby photos... Aww your so cute
Ask for one to frame and take home to wind
me up
Run away I hate kids
Enjoy embarrassing me

Do you like drawing?

Yes but I'm rubbish at it
Nooooooo way it's boring
I dont mind it just wouldn't choose over
certain things
I'm amazing at it

Hunger games or twilight

Hunger games
Harry potter
Not really a fan of any
Like them all don't make m choose

Did you enjoy the quiz sorry if is naff its my first

It's okay
It... Erm ... Cool?