Does she like you? (4)

This is a quiz which gives you approximate answers,if you and a crush on this girl and wanna know if she likes, you are at the right place,take this quiz and understand how much she likes you!

published on August 11, 201810 responses 0 5.0★ / 5

Does she stared at you?

Yes,always I catch her staring and she turns
way and blushes
She stares at me but It creeps me out
She doesn't look at me

Does she talk to you?

Yes,all the time 24/7
We talk,but not so much
We don't talk to each other

Have you ever had a physical contact with her?

We both kissed
We both hugged
We bumped against each other by an accident

How does she act around you?

She is shy, only with me
She flirts with me
She doesn't interact with me

Honestly, do you think she likes you?

Yes, ofcourse
No,she hates me