Which Zodiac Sign Should you be?

Which Zodiac Sign Should you be?

Have you ever felt your zodiac sign doesn't represent you? Take this quiz and find out what you should be.

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What do you do when the school year ends?

Throw away all of the worksheets and tests from the school year.
Sell textbooks for money!
Start my three months of full time gaming.
Look back at the school yearbook.
Look back on my grades.
Start adjusting my appearance.
Start studying for the next school year.
Create summer plans.
Announce my love to my crush!

How do you act in class?

I'm a model student and I always pay attention to what the teacher says.
I take notes! Notes that I don't understand.
I'm a great student, and I often have to correct the teacher.
Well I know everything! (What does any of this crap mean...)
I'm always the first one to answer a question!
Sorry, I skipped class again.
I just sit there and hope the teacher doesn't call on me.
Wha! I'm not passing notes! Hehe...
I always fall asleep in class.
I just pretend I'm working when I'm probably doing something completely different.
I daydream.
I just wait until the bell rings.

What kind of smile do you have?

A big grin!
A silly smile!
An artificial smile.
Sweet smile.
An easy going smile!
A slight grin.
A light smile.
I don't smile.
Confident smile!
A very... forced smile.
An overjoyed smile!
A cute loyal smile!

What do you do after a break up?

I become a lot quieter than usual.
I find a place to be alone and listen to music.
I just stay in the dark and be really miserable.
I lock myself in my room and cry.
Become really lazy and watch a lot of TV.
Eat food nonstop.
Get drunk as hell.
I go have fun to cover up the sadness.
Plan revenge on who dumped me.
I go hang out with friends.
Commit suicide..

You're at your friend's house and you accidentally break a vase. What do you do?

I blame the situation and get a little mad.
Try to fix it before they find out.
Act stubborn about it.
I blame someone else.
When they ask me about it I just change the subject.
I'll just pay for it.
Hide the evidence.
Leave the house and act like you weren't there.
I don't really care. What are they going to do about it?
I'd just tell them the truth.
Try to make it seem like it's not a big deal.

What would you do in a plane crash?

Rush out with a parachute!
Scream like hell!
Call my family and tell them I love them.
Try to help the pilots, even if I don't have any knowledge on planes.
I'd look back on all my good memories.
Help out the other passengers off the plane.
Contemplate life.
Act optimistic about the situation!
Calculate the possibility of dying.
I will live... I will live...
I will die... I will die...

Do you keep your room clean?

I try to, but I normally just shove everything under the bed or in the closet.
I just make my family do it.
I want to tidy my room, but I always get distracted.
As long as I have the stuff I need on my desk, my room is neat enough for me.
Nope, and I don't plan on cleaning.
Yeah I'll do it tomorrow.
Maybe.. maybe not...
Yeah! Everything must be in perfect order!
Yep, and I must do it myself.
Yeah, and I often have to clean off after my family.
I only clean because I don't want people to judge me.
Only when someone is coming over.

What do you do when you're in an extremely long line?

Fall asleep
Try to socialize with the other people in line.
Eat food.
Get pissed! I'm wasting so much time!
Call my friends to pass the time.
I have to use the bathroom...
Just stand and wait.
Work on something while I wait.
Find a distraction.
Completely lose all patience 10 minutes in.

What kind of colors are your favorite?

Flaming and somewhat discordant hues
Pastel shades
Monotonous tones
Iridescent hues
Full spectromatic tones
Dark indefinite colors
Clouded art tints
Murky, angry shades
Rich, full hues
Lifeless, flat values
Electric colors
Deep values or white