What animal are you? (52)

What animal are you? (52)

This is probably one of the most monotonous quizzes ever made - but I know you're curious :3

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Your favourite subject in school?

I hate school
Politics or anything I can voice my opinion in

What's one thing you just CAN'T stand?

Rude people
Being sad
Being forced to do something I don't want to do
Upsetting/Disappointing people
Not being in control
Being tired
Being hungry

What is a good environment for you?

Any place LOUD !!
Any place quiet :3
Any place with my friends
In my bed under the covers (possibly on my phone ^_^)
Any place free
If it has free food I automatically like it
Any place familiar

How often do (mean) things people say upset you?

Always -.-
Never - I don't let things get to me
I don't get upset; I get angry
Only when somethings really offensive
People don't say mean things about me
I try to focus on just the good things people say
Depends on my mood

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Hang out with friends
Do something relaxing like draw or listen to music
Go on adventures
Eat :3

Oh no! Someone's bullying your bestie, you:

Stand up for them
Try not to get involved
Go defend them after I finish eating this ..
Focus on making sure my friend is ok
Snap at the bully and hope they go away
Try sort it out between the two
Tell my friend to ignore them

Your perfect place:

The kitchen
Anywhere quiet
With friends
My bed
Where the people are at

How do you take criticism

I listen to it and improve from it
All criticism annoys me
I listen to it, but pick and choose what advice I pay attention to
I'm very sensitive so I tend to get offended by criticism
I don't listen to it
I take it in but don't improve from it
Depends who gives it to me

How do you handle hard times?

By keeping positive
I don't allow negativity in my life; so hard times aren't that often
Being around those that care for me
Pretending I'm ok (even if I'm not)
Sleep on it
Comfort eat

Your friend's can describe you as:

Always hungry
Free Spirited