Does your crush like you? (GIRL ONLY)

Girl think day and night, wondering, does he like me or not? Girls picking petals off of flowers saying: he loves me he loves me not, girls so confused, take my quiz so your confusion is gone btw i will have good questions :)

published on September 01, 201483 responses 13 4.5★ / 5

Has he ever teased you? (In a fun nice friendly way)

Yeah a lot
Nope not really ...

Has he ever touched you? (Hold hands hug etc.)

No he doesn't really know me ...
Yeah he actually has ;)

Are you guys best friends?

Yeah we know each other well!
Nah maybe we aren't meant to be (sigh)

Has he ever asked for your number? Anything personal?

Nah like i said "we aren't meant to be".
Yeah we talk a lot!

Where did you meet?

Lake, pool, or beach
Park, relatives home, restraunt

Do you guys have a lot in common?

Err ...

Has he ever asked you out and say jk and then blush?

We dont talk much sooo no ...
He has actually ...

Does he show off in front of you?

A LOT of times honey!
Nah ...

Do you hear rumors of him liking you back?

Yeah a bunch! Im starting to believe the rumors are true!
No never

Does he get jealous when your with other guys?

He never pays attention to what i am doing ... :/
Yeah lol!