Which "Child of Shadow" Guardian Are YOU?

Which "Child of Shadow" Guardian Are YOU?

In the fantasy world of The Child of Shadow, a novel by Bella Donon, magic is a huge part of every day life. The most powerful of the magic-users, the Guardians, consist of the earth user, the air user, the fire user and the water user. If you were one of these ancient protectors, which element would you be?

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My emotions are . . .

Usually somewhat disconnected from how I handle my everyday life.
Very passionate and intense.
My heart and soul, the primary focus of my thoughts.
Important, but sometimes have to be ignored in the face of reality.

What is most important?


In a disagreement or a fight, I . . .

Usually raise my voice, and definitely make my point even if I don't get my way.
Prefer to argue in writing, and no matter what, remain calm and logical.
State my piece in few words and end the conversation if it's going nowhere. Stick to my position.
Get very emotional and probably brood over it for a while.

If you had these four to choose from for your next job, which would fit you best?

Performing Arts

Which of these statements is something you might say?

Some people say I'm impractical, but I believe I think about the big stuff.
Some people say I'm overemotional, but there's nothing wrong with being in touch with your feelings.
Some people say I'm too assertive, but there's nothing wrong with self-confidence.
Some people say I'm stubborn, but there's nothing wrong with sticking to your guns.

What would you rather spend your time doing?

Curling up by a warm fire and reading a good book.
Just chilling all night with some close friends.
Going to a party and staying out all night meeting new people and doing crazy things.
Anything food related.

You will immediately look down on people who . . .

Have no practicality
Are ignorant
Act cruelly
Have poor social skills

The man you are talking to is rattling off accomplishments. Which of the following would earn your respect?

The man is on speaking terms with a celebrity I admire.
The man was born into poverty but became wealthy through hard work and dedication.
The man has a doctorate in a field I admire.
The man is a gifted artist whose pieces have hung in prominent galleries.

If you found yourself in combat, what would your fighting style be?

To overwhelm your enemy with heavy attacks.
To endure attack after attack until an opportunity to counter arises.
To evade until an opportunity to attack arises.
To use your enemy's weaknesses against them.

Which is your favorite animal?


Tradition is . . .

Pointless if not questioned.
Perfectly valid if its practitioners feel a connection through it.
Romantic and all, but not necessary.
Valuable and necessary for a stable existence.

Your feelings on marriage:

It's not that important, but if the people are compatible, it's one way to be happy.
It's all about having a best friend and partner who understands you and loves you.
It's a way to show the world you're in love, and make each other deliriously happy.
It's a very important tradition and should be the foundation of the family.

What is one of your best qualities?

My compassion
My leadership
My patience
My intelligence

What is your dream home like?

Utilitarian. If it exists in the house, it has a use, and the decoration is minimalist.
Beautiful. The décor is dramatic and evokes feeling, maybe modeled after a theme I love from a story or a period in
history, and the place has a classic feel to it.
Fun. It's designed with entertainment in mind; it might have a pool, a well-stocked bar, a great entertainment
center, and plenty of room to have gatherings.
Comfortable. The beds and couches are cozy; the kitchen gets used for home-cooked meals; the décor is tailored to

If you were forced to choose between saving the life of a friend or the lives in a city, which would you choose to save and why?

My friend. I am too stubborn to consider any other option no matter the cost.
The city. Though I would be reluctant to go against my friend, one death is nothing in the face of millions.
My friend. You must always do whatever it takes to protect those you love.
The city. It seems like the right thing to do.

As an advice-giver, I am . . .

The person who offers theories, ideas, and evidence to explain my position.
The person people trust, no matter what.
The person who invokes past experience and dependable advice for predictable results.
The person who will discuss feelings at length and say "trust your heart."

How do you view change?

You are a go with the flow kind of person as long as it doesn't conflict with your morals.
You are easily susceptible to change - you go with whatever seems to be a good idea at the time.
Change scares you. There's nothing wrong with sticking to your guns.
You are reluctant to change, but you will if it makes sense to do so.

You're stuck on a remote island and you know the next boat isn't coming into your area for three days. You have a little food and a little water, but no shelter and no other provisions. What's the worst thing about it?

Physical Discomfort

What is your favorite season?


Something bad has happened in your life, but you can't miss school/work. How do you handle it?

I'll probably be an emotional wreck. People will ask me "what's wrong?" all day.
Well, I have a responsibility to do my duties, so they come first; I'll suck it up and do what's expected of me even if
I'm dwelling on it.
I might be more reserved than usual, but I can box it away and focus on my duties.
I'll try really hard, but I might take it out on my classmates/co-workers.