Claim your Magical Treasure Here Quiz

We all want magical treasure and probably a Waffle Staff too. You might've seen this before but here's my edition! Just pick a magical portal and get your gifts!

published on November 24, 201420 responses 7
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You see a magical portal in front of you. What color is it?

It's a strange, misty silver!
It's a lovely pink strawberry!
It's dazzling pink glitter!
It's delicious melty chocolate!
It's mysterious swirling cumulonimbus [cloud] !

You stretch out you hand and reach into the portal. What do you see?

I see silvery mist!
I see pale pink strawberries!
I see a cloud of pink glitter!
I see a chocolatey ooze!
I see a thick cover of clouds!

What do you feel?

I feel like I'm in a silvery misty abyss!
I feel like I'm in a bright, fruity place!
I feel like I'm in a simply dazzling fog!
I feel hungry for chocolate!
I feel like I'm drifting with the woolly clouds!

What do you smell?

I smell a metallic silver scent.
I smell sweet strawberries!
I smell an artificial scent!
I smell cocoa beans and sugar and milk!
I smell the fresh wind and rain!

What do you hear?

I hear silvery tinkling!
I hear someone pour a glass of strawberry juice!
I hear glittering and shining!
I hear a river of hot cocoa!
I hear the wind howl!

What can you taste?

Bitter metallic silvery stuff!
Sweet pink glittery stuff!
Fresh wind!

One last decision!

Step through the silvery portal already!
Hop into the sweet strawberry portal!
Glide into the pink dazzling glitter portal!
Ram through the chocolate portal!
Jump into the weather cloud portal!

Final thoughts?

Mystified, intrigued.
Optimistic, cheerful.
Dazzled, impressed.
Impatient, chocolate-loving.
Excited, cloudy.