Are you a Kurt Hummel or Rachael Berry

I hope you enjoy my quiz but remember have fun so Kurt or Rachael luv u

published on December 13, 20141 response 0

Are you reliable

Yes very
Not really

Are you social?

Yes very much so.
Na,not much

Do you like ice cream?

YES YES I luv ice cream

Are you honest with friends and family when it comes to big changes such as getting married?

Yes I tell after a few days or hours.
No I keep it and never let go till I'm ready to confront people.
Not always

What do you like to wear?

Fancy expensive clothes
Normal clothes I guess

What is your favorite color?

Darker colors
Brighter colors

Do you like singing

Like I LUV

Are you good in a relationship?

Yes, I have been In little fights. Or rarely.
No,I've been in multiple relationships

Do you like music, what type?

Yes,and all music
No,I only write or sing songs.

Do you like cats or dogs?

Cats definitely cats.
Dogs always dogs.

Do get awarded in praise when you finish hard tasks?

Yes, ALL the time.
Yes,BUT not all the time.
Not always