Are you fat quiz?

Wonder if you are skinny, fit, chubby, pudgy, overweight, or OBESE? Find out here at this fun quiz ! :D

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What happens when u run around your room 5 times.

I just ran around the room like an idiot... what else would happen -_-
I'm breathing deeper than before but isn't that normal?
I'm a bit light headed, a little out of breath -breathes-
-faints- -raises hand up with white flag on the 1st lap- I SURRENDER I CANT DO IT! I NEED WAT----ERRRR HAEELPPP
I had to stop for a quick breath and I'm dizzy, lightheaded and wanna puke but eh,, -vomits-

Do people call you fat?

LOL, NO, I'm the one making fun of the fatties! (or not)
No, I fit in with the lower side of the people (Skinnier)
Once or twice, but only because they were way skinny
Sometimes , but I don't care :)
Yes, :(
Everytime I walk outside (if u even do) people say I'm fat! D:<

What age are you?


1 more questin! How did you like the quis? (no effect on score)

Eh... I dunno..

What size pants are you?

Youth S
Youth M
Youth L
Youth XL, I wear this size :P
Adult small
Adult M

, how far does ur stomach go over ur pants? last question, hope u can survive through this boring qulz...

What?! Over?! mY stomach sinks in!, wait, I don't have a stomach o_o, hehe
its even with my pants, doesn't go over, doesn't go in.
goes over half a centimeter xD.
eh 2 inches at the MOST
3-6 inches XD -my stomach in real life- hehe
Spills over about 6 inches ALL AROUND touches my legs too!

Sit down, what happens.

I sit down, my ribs show and what else?
I sit down?
I sit down, my stomach bulges out, folds into huge rolls and goes over my pants a LOT in the front and some on the sides.
I sit down, my stomach is there but doesn't spill over my pants or anything
I sit down, my stomach folds into a few rolls and goes over my pants a bit over the front and a little on the sides.
I can barely sit down, my pants are smooshed by the bulging stomach, and flops down over the front and bulges out the sides

What is your bmi? If you don't know find out at BMI calculator on google.

I don't know. Doesn't effect score)
Below 18

What sex are you?


How many fat rolls do u have when u sit.

What are fat rolls? whatever they are they sound disgusting!
I don't think abs roll over each other ;)
1-2 not very deep though
3-4 some are light some are deep.
5-6 all deep ;) Including some jiggly moobs/boobs!

Stand up, look down, what do you see?

I see my bottom legs and feet.
Umm.. I see my legs, my ankles, and my feet?
My stomach and the tippy toes of my feet.
My stomach, feet and floor
I see my feet, a small stomach and the floor.
My small moobs/boobs( moobs= man boobs) and my stomach
My moobs/boobs and my big jiggly stomach!