Are you fat quiz?

Wonder if you are skinny, fit, chubby, pudgy, overweight, or OBESE? Find out here at this fun quiz ! :D

published on May 17, 201661 responses 7 4.0★ / 5

What size pants are you?

Youth S
Youth M
Youth L
Youth XL, I wear this size :P
Adult small
Adult M

Do people call you fat?

LOL, NO, I'm the one making fun of the fatties! (or not)
No, I fit in with the lower side of the people (Skinnier)
Once or twice, but only because they were way skinny
Sometimes , but I don't care :)
Yes, :(
Everytime I walk outside (if u even do) people say I'm fat! D:<

What is your bmi? If you don't know find out at BMI calculator on google.

I don't know. Doesn't effect score)
Below 18

How many fat rolls do u have when u sit.

What are fat rolls? whatever they are they sound disgusting!
I don't think abs roll over each other ;)
1-2 not very deep though
3-4 some are light some are deep.
5-6 all deep ;) Including some jiggly moobs/boobs!

1 more questin! How did you like the quis? (no effect on score)

Eh... I dunno..

What happens when u run around your room 5 times.

I just ran around the room like an idiot... what else would happen -_-
I'm breathing deeper than before but isn't that normal?
I'm a bit light headed, a little out of breath -breathes-
-faints- -raises hand up with white flag on the 1st lap- I SURRENDER I CANT DO IT! I NEED WAT----ERRRR HAEELPPP
I had to stop for a quick breath and I'm dizzy, lightheaded and wanna puke but eh,, -vomits-

Sit down, what happens.

I sit down, my ribs show and what else?
I sit down?
I sit down, my stomach bulges out, folds into huge rolls and goes over my pants a LOT in the front and some on the sides.
I sit down, my stomach is there but doesn't spill over my pants or anything
I sit down, my stomach folds into a few rolls and goes over my pants a bit over the front and a little on the sides.
I can barely sit down, my pants are smooshed by the bulging stomach, and flops down over the front and bulges out the sides

, how far does ur stomach go over ur pants? last question, hope u can survive through this boring qulz...

What?! Over?! mY stomach sinks in!, wait, I don't have a stomach o_o, hehe
its even with my pants, doesn't go over, doesn't go in.
goes over half a centimeter xD.
eh 2 inches at the MOST
3-6 inches XD -my stomach in real life- hehe
Spills over about 6 inches ALL AROUND touches my legs too!

What age are you?


What sex are you?


Stand up, look down, what do you see?

I see my bottom legs and feet.
Umm.. I see my legs, my ankles, and my feet?
My stomach and the tippy toes of my feet.
My stomach, feet and floor
I see my feet, a small stomach and the floor.
My small moobs/boobs( moobs= man boobs) and my stomach
My moobs/boobs and my big jiggly stomach!