What Kind of Cheerleader are You?

What Kind of Cheerleader are You?

Are you a preppy, sweet, or bratty cheerleader? Find ou with this quiz!

published on September 21, 201434 responses 10 3.8★ / 5

You made the cheer squad! To celebrate you...

Brag to all the losers you didn't make the
Throw a party for all the girls who made
the squad!
Congratulate everyone who participated in
tryouts, whether they made the squad or

The cutest boy on school asks you out. You...

Blush and accept his invitation.
He asked me out? I ask all my dates out!
Turn him down. I could do way better.

The coach schedules an early morning practice. You decide to...

Get there early and make everyone
Get there on time and thank the coach for
all her hard work.
Skip,the practice. You're tired, and besides,
I'm already the best one on the team.

It's the last quarter in the basketball game and your team is losing. You...

Cheer louder and get the crowd involved!
Do nothing. You knew we would lose
Silently give the team a pep talk and
continue to cheer your heart out!

You're most likely to be voted...

Most likely to be a Millionaire.
Most likely to Win the the Nobel Prize.
Most likely to Rule the World.

Your opinion of cheerleading is...

It's a great way to support your school!
It's a great way to show everyone that
you're better than them!
A great way to get crazy!