warriors: what rank are you?

if you want to know what your rank is, you have come to the right place!

published on September 12, 20185 responses 6
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do you break the warrior code? if so, why? if not, why not?

no! i know not to let my feelings take over to a cat across the border!
yes... i broke the code for a mate, and now have kits to care for... :(

do you care about the code?

no! never! I'm too young to even know about it! what are you even talking about? what does that question mean?!
I do care! I will always care about it, and I am now the most trusted cat in the clan!

do you have a mate and kits?

no... I want to, but the one cat i love has been taken... :(

how well do you know herbs?

too well! I know all of them!
i don't know many, but I do know a few...

what are you... what do you want to be?

I am a warrior, but i want to have kits of my own...
i'm an elder, but i wouldn't be one if i was medicine cat!
i'm medicine cat. duh!
i'm not sure about your question... what do you mean?
I have kits, what do you think i am?! kit?!
I have all nine lives! can you guess yet?!
uh, I am training to be a warrior!
i'm the slot just behind bluestar!