Are you COOL or Dorky?

Are you COOL or Dorky?

This quiz will tell you if you are a cool kid or a dork. BTW dork is kinda bad.

published on February 05, 201626 responses 5
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Your going to a dance, this guy asks you out how do you act?

Act super excited when he asks you.
Just act cool when he asks you out.
Act cool on the outside and excited on the inside.

Going to the dance what do you wear?

Just a cool dress and shoes.
Wearing all kinds of colorful stuff.
Just having a little color.

What do you say when a boy asks you out?

Sure I'll go with you

At a party. You would be...

With your date.
Wondering why you came you dont even have a date.
With your friends and date.

You mostly care about...

Yourself and family
Friends and family
Friends and yourself