Take this to see if your Katherine or Elena from TVD!

If your looking for a quiz to tell u whether your Katherine Pierce Or Elena Gilbert, You’ve came to the right place!

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It’s school tomorrow, what time are you going to sleep?

8pm I need extra rest, to be prepared for tomorrow.
11pm, not too late but I need to get some sleep.
I’m not, I’m basically nocturnal there’s no point in sleeping, I have to go run away or
School? What’s that?

Ok it’s school, who are you sitting by at lunch.

Uh a vampire no dip
The cheerleaders
No one I don’t even go to school smh I’m too busy being kidnapped
I don’t go to school I finished that like 500 years ago smh

Okay you went to sleep... or not.... what time are you waking up

6am bright and early.
9am, what’s the point in being on time when I’m gonna get kidnapped anyways
Once again, I don’t sleep.

Okay your home from school but you need to figure out what to eat what are you picking?

Mystic grill ofc
Some food from home
Literally animals.
Someone in the parking lot
The cooler downstairs

Your going through a hard time, what do you do?

Run away
Turn off your humanity