What celeb are you most like?

What celeb are you most like?

This is a quiz for you if you have always wanted to know what celeb you are! So keep on going!

published on February 15, 201613 responses 1

Who do you act like?

Taylor Swift
Even Degenres
Ariana Grande

What do you dress like?

A nice dress, tights, lots of make up
tacky t-shirt, ripped jeans, no make up
Leggings, shirt, some make up

What do you eat?

Only healthy except for occasions
Lots of sweets
All food groups and some candy

What is your free time?

Dancing and singing
Playing around
Relaxing and watching some T.V

When do you wake up when do you sleep?

Wake up at 8:30am sleep at 10:00pm
Wake up at 7:00am sleep at 9:15pm
Wake up at 7:30am sleep at 8:30pm