What element are you? (8)

Have you ever wondered what element or power you would or could be? This quiz can tell you!

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What element do you want or do you think you want?

I want fire of course because it is awesome with all those flames and all that stuff just epic!
I want ice because i love the bitter cold and i love else from frozen lol!
I want water because it is beautiful, elegant, and graceful also i love the creatures in the sea!
I would like Earth so i could control more than one power! Earth is a beauty and has many features that's why i want earth

What animal would you chose: A fish or A penguin?


What is your favorite drink: Water or Tea?

I like tea cause it is made with earths leaves and herbs LOL
I like water because it's natural and healthy!

Do you love to swim or do you love to play outside during the winter?

I love to swim!
I love to enjoy the nice winter day out in the bitter cold.

Which plant do you like better: Coral Reef or A rose

Coral Reef durr
A rose because it is pretty!

Do you know how to swim!

NO i still need floats!

Are you powerful to control most of every element or are you only powerful when it comes to heat and flames?

I can be powerful to every element
I can only be powerful to heat and flames

Do you like to feel the grass between your toes or do u like to feel pure water on your feet?

I like to feel the fresh green grass between my toes!
I like the feel of pure silky water on my feet!

Do you like sitting by a campfire or playing in the cold?

I like sitting by the campfire i don't wanna go in the cold burrr
I would go play in the cold because I LOVE THE COLD HAHA

Which element do you think you might get?

Fire durr
Ice durr
Water durr
Earth durr