What Color Are You? (28)

What Color Are You? (28)

This question haunts people every day. Ok, probably not, but I need a description so.. take this quiz to find out what color you are! This quiz will probably not be 100% accurate but I hope it is since I spent quite a while researching colors. XD

published on May 29, 201530 responses 7 4.3★ / 5

What do you like to wear to school?

Something bright and exciting.
Something grunge.
something plain.
Something pretty.
Something comfortable and plain.
Something comfortable, but also stylish.

What do you like to do on the weekend?

Stay home and relax.
Cry about tough stuff happening in my life.
Go out with friends or on a date.
Work out.
Play sports and relax.

What would you do if a friend was broken up with and they were really sad?

Try to make them laugh and stop thinking about who hurt them.
Try to set them up with someone new. You know, play matchmaker.
Try to calm them down and give them a hug.
Try to calm them down and talk to them about how your friend was too good for them anyway.
Go beat up the person who broke up with them.
Try to distract them with a movie night.

How would your friends describe your personality?

A quiet introvert.
Tough and strong.

What's your favorite animal out of these options?


What can you not leave home without?

My boyfriend/girlfriend
My book
My camera
My leather boots.
Some snacks