Are You A Dark Wolf Or A Light Wolf?

Are You A Dark Wolf Or A Light Wolf?

Which side are you on? Are you a dark wolf, a light wolf, or just a normal wolf? You decide! Hope you get the one you want!

published on August 19, 201490 responses 17 4.6★ / 5

Which sounds better to you?

The darkness of the night
The moon's excited call
The shine of the full moon

Would you help someone in need?

Of course! Why wouldn't I?!
Can't someone stronger do it?
I would rather not

Which one of these are you?

Strong in the face of battle
Confident of who you are
Helpful in the time of need

Which would you rather do?

Play Sports
Hang With Friends

Which is your favorite flower? (Only found in the forest)

Wild rose (Similar to a rose but is white and opens up)
Blue star (Looks like a star but blue)
Yellow star (Looks like a star but is yellow)

Which would be your favorite fruit in the forest?


What animal would you rather eat?


Would you be the leader in the pack?

Yes. Everyone looks up to me.
Only the strong are leaders, so not me
As long as I get to run, I don't care

Are you different, or are you like everyone else?

I just want to protect that is it
Who cares what people think
I be who I am

Which Wolf Do You Think You Got?

Dark Wolf
Normal Wolf
Light Wolf