What song is your motto for back to school?

Find out what song describes your attitude and motto for this school year!

published on August 01, 201711 responses 2 5.0★ / 5

What's you favorite subject?


What about on the weekends? Wya??

Probably by a lake or ocean with friends and family
At home
One word....Netflix
Mini golfing or midnight bowling
Studying for that big test Monday
At da club

What is your squad?

The popular girls not everyone loves, but you know everyone loves!
Pretty normal I guess, nothin too special
We kinda keep to ourselves and low key roast everyone
Just chill
The goofy and fun squad
Party squad

What's your favorite season?

Fall-cute clothes plus school and friends ;)
Winter-I can be cosy all day by a fire
Summer, it's stress free
Summer!!-It's adventure time pals!
Spring-Everything is fresh and new
The beginning of Summer like June so I have party time before summer school

Where can you be found after school?

At the mall getting something new
Going home to nap
At work
Hanging with friends and studying
Going on some adventure

Do your teachers like you?

Yep they're all my friends
Some I guess
Kinda, but they give me too much work
Only one honestly
Yes just not when I'm in a class with friends

What's your favorite color?

Bright neon upbeat colors
Black and white...simple
Blueeee it's so calm
Red Orange or Yellow
Why not every color?!

Pick a quote

If people give you shit, just walk on by
We can stay forever young
Know life has a hopeful undertone
There's a wild thing in all of us
Another day...another adventure
Eat drink and be merry!

How do you feel about going back to school?

Crap thats starting again?!
Good I can't wait to see my
I dont even care it wont
interfere with my party
I cant wait to show people
my glowup
I guess it had to come soon
Great more anxiety soon!

What kind of school supplies do you buy?

I dunno, I'll just use the
ones from last year
I color code things so its
OMG I dont know when I
have time oh no!
Just get a few notebooks
and folders
Diy's duh
I wait until the first day of
school so they tell me what
I need