What Hollywood Job Would You Get?

You finally got to Hollywood! But what should you go and chase down? Should you become an actor or maybe a director? Then again a makeup artist sounds creative and fun as well!

published on February 17, 20169 responses 0
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There's a big play with your school/college! Which role will you be playing?

Auditioning for the main part.
Probably writing a script for it.
Writing about it for the yearbook.
Making sure I'm on the designing squad.
Watching carefully and making notes that could help in later life.

Your best friend just told you that she is dating your ex! How do you take it?

Meh. I can't be bothered about dumb romance. He was a jerk anyway.
Offering to help in any way to make their relationship better than the way my one turned out.
How dare she! Everyone knows he wants to get back together with me and she is just a pipeline!
Ex? I don't have an ex, I don't plan on having one either.
I'm a bit upset. I mean, she knows we used to be going out, right?

Your crush just asked you to the cinema! But all your friends and his friends are going too. What do you say?

I would probably faint dead away!
My crush would NEVER ask me out. EVER.
I suppose I would go. Then ask him if we could hang out another time, just the 2 of us.
I refuse to go with other people! They'll all be after him. I'll wait for an apology and a dinner date.
Well that means he likes me. Right? Because he asked me. Right?

First day of school! What do you wear

Something that will show my teachers I am hardworking and ready for anything!
Something that makes me look really good! (Not that that's hard).
I'm not really fussed about my clothes. I just want my makeup to be perfect.
I've been up all last night and the previous week... No... MONTH planning my outfit: It has to be PERFECT!
I don't really mind, comfortable but nothing that will draw attention to me.

Are you a leader, or a follower?

I don't know, I don't really get into those kind of situations.
I prefer following, but it still has to be all about ME.
A follower. Definitely.
A mix I guess, I can lead but I do my fair share of following the crowd.
Leader all the way. The boss of me is me!

In your spare time you can be found...

Looking for an answer for my friend's crisis.
Spare time? What spare time?
Reading or writing.
Shopping with my friends!!!
Looking at the latest fads and collaborating the newest styles!

Which Disney movie is the best?

Disney movies? I grew out of those AGES ago!
Anything with a cute little baby animal in it!
The older Disney movies for me please. Nothing beats the Lion King sunrise!
Disney? Dreamworks? They're all the same thing right?
I LOVE all of the newer Disney movies make me happy inside! Just like Joy from Inside Out!

How would your closest friends describe you?

Wise and pushy.
Dramatic and a bit ditsy.
Shy and inward-being.
Funny and a bit nerdy.
Creative and skilled.

What is your pet-hate?

Other people biting their nails peeves me off!
Someone else trying to hog the spotlight.
People who put themselves down about everything.
Untied shoelaces or messy hairstyles.
Messy workplaces annoy me the most!

And finally, what Hollywood job would you WANT the most?

Costume Designer.
Makeup Artist.
Actor or Actress.