How much of a cheese lover are you?

How much of a cheese lover are you?

This is a quiz to show you how much you love cheese.(I did this for fun mainly)

published on September 05, 201431 responses 6 4.3★ / 5

Would you scuff your face with cheese?

No way!

Do you wish you had a whole plate of cheese right now?

Sometimes I wish that
No! Why just why?!

Would you have cheese on anything you eat?

Not every food but most food
No nothing!

Do you love cheese?

I like it
It's ok
I hate it!

Why do you like cheese?

Because it's yummy!Now where's my cheese?
Because I like it...
No I hate cheese!

Have you ever stolen any cheese?

Yes!I do it all the time!
No! Why would I?! It's horrible stuff!