What kind of person are you? (17)

What kind of person are you? I don't know TAKE THE QUIZ! DEAL WITH IT! Just deal with it!

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You see a cat in a box crying what do you do

You see a cat in a box crying what do you do
Take the cat home or give it to the animal shelter.
You pick up up the cat and say to everyone that passes by "Is this your cat?"
Push over the box and say "I'm too awesome for you suckerrr!
Ignore it or yell "stupid cat SHUT UP!"

A old man walks up to you and says "Listen, I have no money nor do I food or a house like you. So may I please have some money!" You say?

Of course! I'll give you just a little of it! -gives him 20 dollar bill-
I got you a dollar -acts like giving him a dollar than pulls it away- "SIKE!" -Runs away laughing-
Umm... I got you a dollar...
No! It's my money! -runs away-

Favorite color?

Favorite color?
Black! Because I can! B)
Red for mudder or bullying someone! >:D
Pink for breast cancer and all the bright colors in the world! :D
What's a color?... No seriously what's a color? :3

What do you think of your self

The most epic person in the history of awesome... people and better than anybody on this plant! :D
UM... IDK... :l
Kind person very kind and generous!
Party animal! Starter of the show! TAKE THIS mother- f-cker!

Well... BYE!

BYE B-tch
What does bye mean?
Whateves I GTG to my parties! #AWESOME party
Have a good day bye!