Are you Yin or Yang?

Are you Yin or Yang?

hey guys, i have finally thought of a new quiz to make. this is one i've been thinking about for a while, but from what you guys have been doing to my little quiz corner, i think its a good time to start it. i also want to say that i will be making more quizzes more frequently, now that school has been getting i little bit easier. so for this quiz, lets try to get 4 stars and some good comments. enjoy.

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How do you feel about war?

i will end war
war makes up the world

are you a rare, or common person?

common, but i can be infuensial
i'm rare, and can take over the world

whats a good job for you?

peace keeper

are you in someones shadow?

no, and beside the person who casts the shadow
i'm not in a shadow, i cast the shadow

can you easily overpower someone?

if i try hard enough
i already have

are you left brained or right brained?


can you make a difference?

not usually
the world is a clay ball, and i'm molding it so i'm on the top

are you seen as a good person?

i don't need to be good, i have power

how do you look at people?

people need guidence to a good future
tools for me to use

how do you describe yourself?

a good person wanted to make the world a better place
someone who can make the world better for me and only me