What animal are you? (31)

Want to know what animal you'll be if you became one? Check this out to find out! :D

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If you were to chose from having a super power, what would it be?

Mind powers!

there is a bad dude..what do you do?

Punch him in the face, duh.
run away!
scratch! Do something.

there is a toy in the road, some kid musta dropped it. What do you do?

Take the toy and run away!
Leave it be, doesn't interest me.
Tear it apart!

there is a plate of waffles in the middle of nowhere. What do you do?

Be smart and don't touch it!
Waffles. I can't leave THAT behind.
Looks yummy but..suspicous.
Eww, somebody could have touched it.

You see a pool of water, it looks weird..what do you do?

Jump in it, duh.
leave it be, could be bad.
I'll sniff it just to make sure.