First period quiz (1)

First period quiz (1)

Hope this quiz will let you know when you will get your first period. Hope it's accurate.

published on September 04, 2014165 responses 19 4.4★ / 5

How long have you been in puberty for?

Not sure if I started it, actually..
1 year - 1 1/2 years
2-3 years
3-4 years
4-5 years

I know it's awkward but, how many hair do you have down there?

It's bald, nothing..
A few hairs, but they are blonde.
Only a little, it started growing for a half of year
It only covers a half of the whole area.
It's full, bushy and curly. It is like a forest!

Do you have armpit hair?

Nope, there is nothing..
Only blonde hairs..
A few hairs, but not much.
I have a lil but not very much, like I only need to shave 1 once at 2 weeks or 3 weeks.
Yes, I have to shave every 2-3-4 days / every week.

Do you have discharge? Goo in your underwear

No, that's disgusting.
Yes, I have it for 1 week.
Yes, have it for like 1 year and it got much heavier now..
I have it for like 2-3 years and I just hate it so much, it ruins my undies and I can feel it when I walk.
3 years plus.

How old are you?

16+ (you should visit a doctor if you still don't have it)

How old was your mother/grandmother/old sister when she got her period?

I don't know..
2-3 years older
1-2 years older
Half a year older
Same age
Half a year younger
1 year younger
2 years plus younger

How much do you weight?

20-25 kg
25-30 kg
30-35 kg
35-40 kg
40-45 kg
45+ kg

What simtomps do you have?

None of them..
Always hungry
Chocolate cravings