What Attack On Titan Character Would You Date?

What Attack On Titan Character Would You Date?

What attack on Titan character would you want to date? Find out your true match with this quiz!

published on May 29, 201659 responses 3 4.2★ / 5

What is your pet peeve?

Clean Freak
Super Shy
Over confident
Slightly timid

What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?

Practise sparing
Hitting on people

Would you want attack on Titan to be real?

I don't really care
Duh! I would kill all da Titans!
No thank you
No! Too scary!

If you HAD to go on a date with one of these guys, who would you choose?

Corporal Meany pants (Levi)
Horse face (Jean)

If you met a friendly Titan and a mysterious figure killed it, what would you do?

Yell at them, that was evidence!
Kill them. They don't deserve to live
Shrug it off. You don't really care.
Figure out who they are.

If a Titan was about to step on you, what would you do?

Pfft! Run!
Stand in shock.
Scream for help
Kill it
Nothing. Life is worthless

Final question, what did you think of this quiz?

Why does it matter?
I don't care
It was awesome
Depends on my result
Meh. I've seen better.