sonic wwffy part two

sonic wwffy part two

So this is part two of you and sonics lovey dovey quiz also my name is cherry and you can call me tails k.o

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So you remember what happened last time

"Hey arent you sapost to know" ( hey!)

"So you wanna meet my friends" I say "yeah sure" then we take off to amys house. So when we get there you see two hedgehogs and a fox " hey guys this is my friend (y/n) " "(y/n) this is amy, sonic and my boyfriend tails" I said as I kissed him on the lips

" hi guys"
"Sup duwgs"
" hi"

" hi I'm sonic sonic the hedgehog" " and I'm amy sonics girlfriend" " what no not at all " sonic yelled " and as you know i' m cherrys boyfriend tails" tails said while blushing

Wow sonic cute
Humm so

So we started talking for awhile then "omg I forgot you need clothes so let's go to the store you come amy come and sonic I took 50 rings out of your room so yeah" I giggled " wait what!" Sonic yelled

" hahaha"
" hey not cool" ( so what)
" awesome" (I know right)

So at the store " so what do you wanna wear " i say " yeah (y/n) what are you" amy said

A flowy shirt and blue jens
A blue dress with baby blue shoes

"Wow cute do you like mine it's a orange flowing dress" I giggle " think tails will like it

" yes a lot"
" yeah maybe"
" Todally"

And then... cliffhanger sorry for the short questions so keep loving kittys

" yes always"
"Omg kittys yes"