Are you a Quiz, a Story, a Poll/Questionl, or a Fan Page?

Strange poll, i know! But seriously, are you? :p I myself wonder which one i am...

published on September 10, 201425 responses 17 4.7★ / 5

Have you ever fallen in love with someone waaay older than you?

No. that's so wrong.
Yes. <3 proudly.

Your favorite color is:


The first thing you do on QFeast is most likely:

do a quiz
read a story
answer a poll or question
join a fan page

If you would describe yourself in three words, what would you be?

curious, funny, and weird
complex, gothic, and interesting
pretty, popular, and opiniated
energetic, sweet, and smart


Hi! why did you say that...?
Oh god. no.
get on with the quiz.
Hi! I'm listening to a catchy song right now. :p

Do you have a sister?

No. I don't.
Yes, i love her! <3

Do you love QFeast?

YES! A lot.
Sometimes, sometimes not.
No not really.
No i don't.

How likely are you to tell a total stranger details about your life?

Urgh, not very likely.
Likely, but not that likely.
Sort of likely?