What warriorcats clan are you in?

What warriorcats clan are you in?

Are you riverclan, thunderclan, shadowclan, windclan, or starclan? Find out in this quiz! (Ps I'm riverclan river rules)

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Your a leader, a band of rouges is on your territory and threaten to kill you all if you don't join them! What do you do?

Join them. It's the best you can do.
Try to reason but fight if you have to
Fight to the death for your clan
Can't I'm dead :p

Your leader is dying what do you do?

Kill them to end the suffering. Regret nothing.
Freak out! Your leaders dying!
Tell them that you will miss them forever and will always remember them D;
See ya in starclan!

You suspect a warrior in your clan of murder and blood shed. What do you do?

Tell the leader. He/she will deal with this.
Kill him/her before it's to late
Try to reason with him/her
Confront him/her about it if he/she attacks run and tell the leader
Send the med cat a sighn

You are med cat, warriors come back from a fight with lots of deep scratches, you are low on herbs, what do you do?

Kill them and end there misery
There must be some herbs by the river, you send your apprentice to get some
Stay calm and pray to starclan they will be safe
YAY!!!!!!! More starclan cats to play with!!!!

You fall in love with a cat over the border. What do you do?

Keep your paws in your clan. Your a loyal cat
Start meeting them in private pray to starclan they won't see you
Meet them at gatherings and talk there. No need to express your feelings
Commit suiside. Screw life.
Run away to become a loner

what clan do you think you'll be in?

Thunderclan (SUNNING ROCKS IS MINE!!!!!!!!)
Riverclan (see ya there!)
Shadowclan (:o)
Windclan (:p)
STARCLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! (OMG)
Skyclan!!!!!! :D (it's not on the list, stupid.)

What territory would you like to live in?

In a forest
The moors
The river
In the pine forest
Among the stars in silverpelt

How does your pelt shine?

Of the moon and stars
Like the otters on my territory
Like the amphibians on my territory
Like bolts of lightning
Like the dew Here on the moor

If one clan had to be exiled, wich would it be?

The dark forest