what is your true God/Goddess parent?

wanna know your REAL God/Goddess parent? take this quiz to know the truth!

published on November 30, 201530 responses 8
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what do you do in your free time?

pretend to be a wizard/witch
look at clouds
read and eat fortunes cookies
txt my boyfriend/girlfriend
boss my siblings around
kill some bugs
fight with my siblings
listen to music
make a card to someone
spend time with my family
plan an activity

what is your dream super power?

tell the future
control nature
be able to make people fall in love
shoot lightning from hand
speak to the dead
kill at touch
breath under water
control your own voice (be able to copy someone else voice)
teleport anything
have the smartest mind
be able to create anything

(RP time!) you see someone bullying a little kid you...

quickly help the little kid
stop the bully and tell him how mean he is being
block the bully from the kid
slap the bully
get the boy/girl away from him and fall in love..it will be so romantic!
tell the bully he is being in mature
Beat up the bully how dare he do the to the little kid
stop the bully? i am the bully!
talk some sense into the bully and embarrass him/her
ask him kindly to stop
help the little kid the poor thing looks terrible!
think of a way to tell someone with out being a tattle tale
think of a creative way to embarrass the bully

your shopping you get...

a magic book
a rainbow necklace
a fortune ball
a flower
a gift for my crush
a lightning shaped back pack
a book of dark story's
a knife
a sea shell and some sea glass
a pick for my guitar
some paper
a family gift
a map

it's your birthday what do you want?

a stuff dragon
a rainbow shoes!
heart shaped Candy
nothing that i like
a horror movie
a gun holster
a pool member ship
a new guitar
a letter from my cousins
a new sibling!
a stack of books
a note book and new pens

you are the zoo you are most interested in...

the monkeys they remind me of goblins
the balloon animals
the bunnys
feeding the goats
the pretty birds
the mighty lions
the wolfs
the deadly tigers
the dolphins
the music at the zoo
the fastest birds
the peacocks
the smart ones
anything pretty