What Pokemon are you? (9)

What Pokemon are you? (9)

Pokemon has a lot of fun adventures you can do. Also, there can be a lot of goals. What Pokemon are YOU? Express yourself in the world of Pokemon!

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Your mom said that you cannot have anymore candy and you must go to bed. What will you do?

OK. I would go to bed. (Duh?)
Does my mom want to battle?
I would cuddle my mom and go to bed.
I would say OK and go to bed. In the morning I would have a smoothie!
I would ask again and if she said no again, I would go to bed.

Your friend is being bullied. What will you do?

Well, not saying I don't like my friend, but I avoid fights! I don't want to get hurt!
Both of them will fight, one for a reason, and one for no reason!
I would stand up for my friend (duh again?) and tell the bully in a strong voice to BUZZ OFF!
I would grab my friend by the arm and run away with them to a nice, shady place and stay there till the heat dies down.
I would tell that bully to STOP IT! If they don't, I would battle them and take my friend by the arm, and go away!

You want to have your friend over for a playdate to have cookies, and more friends come. When you get there, the cookie jar is almost empty. What will you do?

I would eat all of them for myself and then if anyone talks about it, they battle me.
I would see how much I have left and split it into halves so everyone can have one.
I wouldn't have cookies. (DUH!??)
I would make more cookies and give them to them.
I would tell my mom that I don't have cookies and she would eat them. Then we would go play a game.

Your mom tells you that your brother stole your stuffed bear. What will you do?

I would go to my brother's room and take the bear. (TRIPLE DUH?)
i would battle my brother until I get the bear.
I would get a new bear. He can keep it. I will get a better bear.
He can keep it. I don't know why not.

Your mom is leaving for a week and your dad wants you to go to, but you really don't want to go. What will you do?

I would tell my dad i don't want to go, but if he gets stern, I will go.
I would battle my dad.
I would go. I don't want to be mean to anybody!
I'd get a smoothie and go.

You want a toy from the store but your mom doesn't know what toy you are pointing to and is about to get a different toy you don't like. What will you do?

I would battle my mom!
I would tell her that I want the other toy (DUH!!!????).
I wouldn't get a toy. Who cares.
I would let her get the toy. After all, if the toy is worse, it is cheaper!
I would give the new toy to my brother.

Your father isn't home and your mother isn't, either. You want something, but you cannot reach it. What would you do?

I believe i can fly...
I would not want the thing anyway.
I would get a stool and then i could reach it. (DUH?)
I would go outside, walk to my friend's house, and ask them.

You are at a party, but there isn't anything you are allowed to eat. Your friends are eating and drinking it, and you want to go there and do it too. What will you do?

I would battle my mom for not letting me have it.
I would tell my mom what is happening, and try and make her let me for the day.
I would go to my friends, and tell them that we shouldn't just sit here all day. Then we would do something else.
I would go home so I don't have to care.

You are tired and want to go to sleep, but you are still out somewhere. What will you do.

I would battle my dad until he lets me leave.
I would leave. DUH!!!
i would tell my mom that I want to go to sleep. Then, I would let them do what they want to do, and go to the car and sleep.

You don't want to eat something for lunch, and your mom will let you have something tasty if you eat that lunch. What will you do?

I would eat the food and get the tasty snack. (TRIPLE DUH!?)
I would be very happy and cute until my mom lets me have the snack without eating the lunch.
I would do what my mother wants. She doesn't even have to give me the snack if she doesn't want to.
I would eat as much as I can and then my mom would let me have the snack even if I haven't finished ALL of it.