What Hogwarts house are you in? (1)

In this quiz you go on an amazing adventure set out to find what Hogwarts house you would be in if the magical world of Harry Potter was real.

published on July 03, 201412 responses 0
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What is your ideal pet?

A strong large pet, such as a lion!
A smart loyal pet, such as a snake!
A small, lovable pet, such as a badger!
A wise, trusting pet, such as an eagle!

What of the choices below would be your greatest fear?

That I fail everything and am considered stupid and unreliable.
That I am considered a coward after letting someone else suffer without being brave enough to help.
Being thought as cruel and untrustworthy after hurting and lying to someone.
That those not as good as I exceed my level and are considered better than I.

What would you want the most?

To be better than everyone so as to be admired and honoured by all!
To be considered good and kind for helping people and other species!
To be considered an intelligent person who people can rely on for answers and help!
To be considered brave and strong, a hero to all!

If you could have one of these treasures, would it be:

Godric Gryffindor's sword (of bravery)
Rowena Ravenclaw's Tiara (of wisdom)
Salazar Slytherin's Locket (of the family of Pure bloods)
Helena Hufflepuff's cup (of magic and loyalty)

If you were walking along a road and it diverged into four paths, which path would you take?

The flowery beautiful path where you can hear soft voices and many animals roam around.
The dark, haunted, foul smelling path where you can hear growling monsters and see creepy shadows following you, but you can see a happy glowing light at the very far end.
The path with glowing ancient runes carved on the road and an archway above it with words carved on it in an ancient language that you think says " Follow the great mysteries, for they are but discoveries, yet to be made."
The path where you are most important, and as you enter you can see people bowing down to you in fear and admiration.

If you were given a choice of slippers, you would take the:

The dark red slippers that fill you with a feeling of strength and well-being.
The glowing black slippers that open your mind to new ideas and stimulate your brain so it can think faster.
The bright white shimmery slippers that you where at night to make your dreams wonderful and happy.
The odd silvery slippers that makes you more powerful when you put them on.

If you were to choose among these drinks, you would take:

A golden sizzling drink that is warm to the touch.
A swirling multy-coloured drink that is cool to the touch.
A dark black drink that seems to crackle with energy.

What house would you prefer to be placed in?