Which Beyond Bloom character are you?

Which Beyond Bloom character are you?

Or at least, which one you relate with the most. You know how it works. :P (MILD SPICE on spoilers)

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Pick your favorite

Pick your favorite

You're alone at night and you keep hearing strange sounds outside. You didn't think much of it until it started tapping on the window. What's the FIRST thing you do?

Grab the most lethal thing you can find and prepare to defend with all your might.
You cautiously approach the window to check to see what it is. Maybe a housemate is messing with you or locked themselves
Nuh uh, you're turning out the lights and hiding.

What best describes you at social gatherings?

You'll be tucked away in a corner and staring at patterns on the floor. If anyone approaches you, you'll turn into an anxious
You'll put on your best smile and mingle, but inside, you'll be judging the heck out of some of these more obnoxious or
stuck-up guests.
You generally end up having a few enjoyable conversations, getting to know different people and finding common interests.
You're almost always in the sidelines, rather than the crowd. You'll socialize just fine, but they have to come to you, first.
You flip between being anti-social, wanting to go home, or being in the center of the room, one of the loudest ones there.
You end up connecting with someone early on and basically follow them around like a lost puppy the rest of the event.

Do you hold a grudge?

You do when someone does something REALLY bad, like kicking puppies for fun, but otherwise, you get over it within a few
days. No hard feelings.
You hold A LOT of grudges, even over small things, like forgetting your birthday or eating your snack, but you let them go easily
You have a habit of letting them fester for years, wishing you could get back at them.
Almost none. You mostly just feel... sad.

What if the person you're closest to is the one who betrayed your trust?

It won't be easy, but you'll have to cut them out. You don't need that negativity in your life.
You'll still be 100% there for them, through thick and thin!
You'll TRY to let it go, but things will be strained between you two.

How do you confess to your crush?

Come on, we're adults here? Simply go up and ask them on a date.
Your knees are shaking! It takes all your courage to tell them how you feel. You're tempted to do it indirectly, like writing a
secret note.
Confess? No way am I getting near them! I'd rather admire from afar and die alone.
You would never confess to them, but you might try to get their attention, or if you're already on good terms, drop hints.
You just mess with them or pretend you hate them to fish for reactions and to mask your feelings. You can't do the mushy
You don't want to burden them, but you're determined to show them how sincere your undying love is. Maybe you'll write them
a poem or a song.

Would you rather...?

Be locked alone in a library with no food or water for 30 hours.
Spend 4 hours carrying heavy firewood uphill.
Attend a 3-day dental floss convention, surrounded by and forced to interact with crowds of con attendees?

You're at a magic well that promises to change an aspect about yourself. Now make a wish!

I wish I was brave, charismatic, and strong enough to protect those I love.
I wish I didn't have to feel like some freak that nobody wants around.
I wish the world would recognize the great value of my ideas and accomplishments.
I wish my companions would never lie, cheat, or turn their backs on me.
I wish those I hate would finally get what they deserve.

Which is closest to describing your handwriting?

Which is closest to describing your handwriting?
Large, very slanted, crammed tightly, with heavy pen pressure (thick lines).
Large, crammed tightly, but with light pen pressure.
Average size, straight up-and-down (no slant), with heavy pen pressure
Average size, slanted letters, with lighter pen pressure
Small size (often written to the sides), very slanted, with light pen pressure
small size, letters widely spaced apart, with hard pen pressure

Speaking of handwriting, you're minding your own business in class, taking notes, and someone behind you keeps spitting wads of paper at your head. You turned your head, giving them a warning look, but that made it worse! Now what?

You ignore it, but might scheme some ways to get back at them once you're in an proper 'battlefield'.
You accept your fate as a target and ignore it. You don't want to get anyone in trouble.
You pelt that sucker right back with some of your own ammo!
You know, guys, raising your hand and informing the teacher usually works?

Your friend cheated on a test! Your teacher is suspicious of this and asks you about it, after class. How would you respond and why?

I tell the truth. I studied too hard while this punk is robbing themselves of an education. This will teach them an important
I tell the truth. It's simply the right thing to do.
I freeze up. Cheating is wrong, but I don't want my friend to be upset! The teacher figures it out because of my panicking,
though. Oops.
I feign ignorance so I can go and urge my friend to tell the truth, from their own mouth.
I lie. If they get detention, I can't hang out with them!
I lie. I just don't want to deal with the drama.

Do you consider yourself an open book?

For the most part, yeah. People read me, easily.
You'll know when I'm angry. I spilled glue on the other pages.
Not at all. People only see what I want them to see.
I feel like I am, but people don't understand me very well, so maybe not...
I'll tell you anything you want to hear.


That's not an actual question. This is disappointing.
I love 'em. Sometimes they're offensive and make people yell at me instead of laugh, but that makes it funnier.
Are you asking for jokes? I can look up some really good ones, if you want.
I like jokes. Like a good old fashioned knock-knock joke!
Yes, please, I would love to hear some, if you wouldn't mind.
I specialize in sarcasm. :|

And last, pick a way to relax!

Tune out the world and binge movies with my pets. My pets are the best company I could ask for.
Learning, reading, and seeing new sights. Something invigorating that feeds the mind.
Whatever my circle is up to, I'm in. I'm just content when I'm with them.
Dancing! Music! Hiking! Party-games! Something with energy to shake out what you've kept pent up!
Reading, creative writing, daydreaming... something I can get lost in that lets me express myself.