Your Warrior Life

Your Warrior Life

Warrior cats fan? Take this to find out your life as a warrior! I hope you like your life! As a leader that is!

published on April 14, 201912 responses 0 5.0★ / 5

Roleplay time! A huge band of rouges attacks camp! What do you do?

Threaten them into helping you take over other clans
Defend the clan with your life!
( you thinking ) I'm scared but my clan is at stake! I must help!
( you thinking ) They won't end my clan, but them end the others!!!

Oh my gosh! Those kits are drowning before a terrified mother! What do you do?

Let them drown. They don't deserve to live if they don't help me.
Help them! What are you crazy!?!?!

Your leader is dying and you can save them but at the cost of your life. What do you do?

Save them, it's the better thing to do.
Let them die. They're just holding me back.

Did you enjoy this?

No! I have better things to do! >:(
....... Don't talk to me.
I LOVED it! :P ( me ) Thanks!
It was great!

Oh yeah almost forgot! Firestar or Tigerstar?

They can both die!