What Pokemon sun and moon character are you?

What Pokemon sun and moon character are you?

Hey guys this is my first quiz so please do not blame me if I there are any mistakes any way let's start the qui

published on April 23, 201715 responses 0
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What Pokemon is your favourite?

Type null
All pokemon

If you lost your wallet how would you react

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my wallet ??????????
Who cares I can always get another one
Let's go look for it

You are Pokemon champion what would you do

I did it with the help of my pokemon*send out your team*thank you I could not of done this with out all of you
I did it all by myself
T....thank y.....you ...............*poo your pants and eat it*

You are battling professor Kukui what would you do?

Attack attack attack
I'll be very stratigic
*pee on his pokemon

A friend is beet ting bulled what would you do

Hey stop bullying my friend
Sorry I am to scared to help*you poop your pants*