Corpse party Roleplay

Corpse party Roleplay

This is not based off anime or game, I made up my own with my all my OCs, your Yukaru and your friends are Tukushi, Nikori, Tiki, Tikara, Seiko, Yume and Saetaro (my OCS)

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First, You'r Yukaru, a 13 year old girl. You have brown hair in a bob. Tukushi is your best friend who has long pink hair and her sister Nikori, a year younger then hair, who has long blue hair. there are besties, Seiko and Yume, Seiko has long blonde hair and Yume has long black hair, theres your little sisters Tiki and Tikara and they have brown hair and finally Saetaro who is the only boy and has brown hair. Hope you like my OC. So, which one is your fav?

Yukaru, Tukushi, Tiki or Seiko
Nikori, Yume, Tikara or Saetaro

Nikori:Hey, guys, I found a charm that will keep us together forever
Tiki, Tikara:YEAH!
Saetaro, Yume, Seiko:OKAY, NIKO!
Everyone looks at you
your respond?

You bet, sounds great
This isn't gonna end well

You do the charm and, when an Earthquake happens, you know whats going on having played Corpse party and watched the anime 4 yesrs ago, well, it wasn't ALL your fault, how would you remember? You were 10, but when you wake up in Heavenley host, your reaction?

Stay calm, find my friends
OMG This is all my fault I didn't warn them in time!
Come out guys, I know your trying to scare me

You come to a choice. Science lab or Music room?

Science lab
Music room

If you entered the music room, you walk in and see a Piano, lying next to it is Tukushi.
You ran over and shook her
You:Tukushi! I'm so glad to see you! Look I saw this thing called Corpse party a long time ago and-
Tukushi:*Wakes up* Y-yeah, *cough* we both used to L-love it *cough* remember?
You:Oh, yeah, your coughing and stuttering, It looks like your tired, lets get you to-

The infirmary
The cafe
The hall
I went into the science lab
(getting onto that now)

If you walked into the science lab, you saw Nikori lying there, passed out, you ran up to her.
something grabs you
It was the anomatic model/Yuuya Kizami
When you see him, whever you know who he is or not, what do you do?

Kick him
you:Hi, Kizami
you:Nikori help!
I went into the music room

If you went into the music room, your with Tukushi and you don't know what happened to Nikori, if you went into the science lab, Tukushi helped you and Nikori ran off. Either way, your with Tukushi.
You 2 are walking down the halls
You:I got someone in mind I wanted to find.

My sisters
Saetaro, because deep down I love him

You heard off a blue a spirit that in the end you'l have a choice of who to save
You:Your figure is familier...somehow...
Blue spirit:We' name, you want? It's Mayu
You and Tukushi:*Gasp*
The blue ghost dissapears and a red ghost appeareas, still, you think you have seen her before...
There was no time to think, you 2 started running and came into a maths room (poor you) Where do you hide?

The front desk
The cupboard

The ghost found you and began chasing you around the school, in the end, Tukushi droped onto the floor.

Go back to help her
Leave her

Before you could do anything, the ghost laughed
Ghost:You don't get it do you? Do yoy know who I am? Take a guess...

Mis yui?

Ghost:Wrong! I am Seiko Shiohoar. Naomi killed me, he says she was possested, yeah like I belive that! I brought you here! I am the new Sachiko!

How could you? This isn't right. Naomi loves you!
I hate you, and so did Naomi!
*cry* Seiko why!?

Almost done! Seiko shedded a tear, shook her head, fast, probaly to wipe the tear away and vanished.
Tukushi:Is she good now or-
You:I don't know but-

Suddenley the floor starts to dissapear.
The room where you saw Sachiko is Nikori and Tiki, your sister!
In the science lab is Tikara, your other sister!
In the main hall is Tukushi and Saetaro, the boy you love and your best friend
The maths is the Yume and Seiki, who you have known the longest
Or run out the exit by youself, theres no other sure way of surviving
Sorry to do this to you (exept I'm not really)

Nikori and Tiki
Tukushi and Saetaro
Yume and Seiko
Run out alone