What player are you in COD zombies?

What player are you in COD zombies?

This quiz will test to see what type of player you are in Call of Duty zombies.

published on October 11, 201573 responses 6 4.8★ / 5

What DLC map do you chose

Buried easiest.
Don't know any of them
As long as it's fun
Origins or Mob of the Dead. I like a good challenge
Whatever other people like.

What is the average points you have accumulated by round five?

You have an average of 1500 because you are too worried about stealing kills and getting revives you might go down.
3000. You are skilled and kill zombies effectively while trying not to steal to many kills.
1000-2000. You spend points on quick revive to help your teammates so you do not have to much points but a good amount to help people.
750. You go down lots of times so you lose points.
About 2000. You are a skilled player and can accumulate a good amount of points by round 5

What round do you strive for

I don't know what is a goof round
A good solid 20 or higher.
What ever works.
The highest round possible I want to be the best

Someone goes down what do you do, what do you say?

Ha Noob how do you go down? I'm not reviving you I'm gonna die.
I'll get him I've got quick revive.
What I don't know how to revive you sorry dude. Then you go down possibly.
Where are you? Um okay I don't know exactly how to get there but I'll try.
Alright I see your revive sight I know where that is I'm coming. I'll try to get you

What weapon do you go for.

Galil or An94
Any weapon you do know what they are.
Any good weapon to get points. And steal kills
Anything good to help. Everyone
The generic normal weapons. Wall weapons

Is this a good quiz

Just get on with it
Ya cool

Get the ray gun in the box what do you do

Ha I got ray gun. You shoot your teammates in the face so they go down and get points for the revive.
Ohh what is this Ray gun. You shoot it and think it is cool and start killings zombies with it on low rounds.
You are skilled enough to know that it is good but has splash damage. BE CAREFULL
You grab it knowing it has splash damage but are willing to take extra damage for your teammates.
You know it has good damage but has bad splash damage. You get it just to get another box spin faster.

How do you survive?

Get as much points as possible that's all.
I don't know
Train or camp
Whatever work for you guys