What Harrison Character are you?

Answer the questions and you'll determine which characters from the Harrison family you are.

published on June 15, 20154 responses 0

What's your dream life?

I want to own my own company. Without the comments from my sibling (looks at one person)
Something nice and comfortable. Nothing big or drastic- I just want to be happy.
Oh my gosh! Cute husband, great kids and millionaire!
Oooh! Rainbows and unicorns! And like five kids! And like a great husband! And a photographer second cousin.... ooh and a big room! And a few more unicorns and wait is my time over yet? Oh and I also want a walrus named Florance the third!
Push the red button! Wait what was the question?
Beautiful wife, mansion and fun stuff!

Do you like children?

They are very sweet
I am one duh! Oooh I see another button!
Kids are fun to hang out with.
They mostly annoy me.

Someone runs up to you and tells you that you won one million dollars how do you react?

Demand proof!
Screaming and jumping up and down!
Smile and calmly walk off.
Shyly run to your parents!
Yell at the man that he is a no good scammer!
Say, "Yeah right get lost." And refuse to believe anything else he says.

What is your pet peeve (the thing that makes you mad)?

Dunno maybe teachers!
My brother obviously!
Maybe when your phone dies when you're in the middle of texting.
Big dogs!
Backstabbing bffs who turn on you!

What is your experiance with romance?

I have a boyfriend/girlfriend
Boy/Girls eew!
I don't give a second thought about dating.
The other gender doesn't know I am alive.
I have plenty of friends- don't push it!
Too nervous.

When a mean kid calls you stupid how do you react?

Say, "I'm sorry I couldn't hear you over the deafening sound of how epic I am."
"Whatever I don't care- I'll just look at your report card."
"That's so mean."
Cry and cry.
"Okay that's just wrong."

Your mother grounds you from Television what is your reaction?

Say what?!
How long? Let's talk this out reasonably.
Fine, I'll just watch my shows somewhere else (the computer in the attic that I fixed)
No comment just tears.
This is unfair I will sue you mother! Once I finish my homework.....

What is your greatest fear? (Don't worry this won't go public)

Big scary monsters under my bed! EEK!
Being unpopular and teased.
I could say nothing to be tough but honestly don't tell anyone I am afraid of spiders!AHH!
Uhh..... zombies! Trust me they could be real!
I am not afraid of anything! Wait is that the school bully! AHH! I better run!
The dark creeps me out.

Do you like to go to school?

Yes it makes me smart.
Yeah I go although I already am smart.
How long is this quiz?
.......Don't know.......

When receiving a bad grade at school what do you do?

Shyly accept it.
Shout, "WHY ME?!"
Cry and run to tell your parents.
Be sad but walk off.
Roll your eyes and quickly state to the teacher you always get good grades.
Say, "Okay fine but you don't know how smart i am!"

Are you satisfied with your answers?

Wait a minute this is a very random question? But sure.
It was really nice.
I wonder what will happen if I push the button that says DON'T PUSH on it?
Who even wrote this stupid quiz?!

What is your favorite color?

Pink! I heart pink!
Well I guess a pretty sky blue appeals to me.
Why is this even a question?
I like orange........orange.....
My favorite color is probably red.
Something like green- magmatic and mysterious.

What makes you laugh?

Clowns creep me out! I like corny jokes that clowns don't tell!
I always laugh.
I like it when I get to see my brother make a fool out of himself always cracks me up!
Silly clowns!
Funny stuff
Cute puppy videos.

Do you love your siblings?

Do I have a choice? Of course.
All of them except one and you know who I'm talking about! (motions toward brother)
Yeah except when they are annoying.
Yeah now when's the bathroom break?
I love them all!

What is your favorite food?

I like pizza!
I love everything!
Uhh... is this a trick question?
I tried to skip this question but the crazy computer said this field was required but I told it I don't care!