MBTI: e-n-t-p's Quiz

A cognitive function quiz you can use to determine your myers briggs type.

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When presented with a concept you...

Build connections around it or relating to it
Look into it and find deeper meanings

When organizing something you...

Figure out how to make sense of what you have without physically organizing it
Divide it into categories and take one on at a time, efficiently and effectively

When going to an amusement park you...

Look for the biggest and fastest rides as well as try a ton of new food
Look around and follow familiar things (Rides you remember loving, food you haven't had
since you were little)

Your friend just had a crisis. You...

Comfort them using your stable mindset and a lot of hugs
Comfort them with empathy and warmth

When seeking a good time, do you try a physically stimulating activity or do you prefer a mentally stimulating debate

Physically stimulating
Mentally stimulating

You're watching a court case. Are you focusing on what the feeling in the room must be or making connections to jump ahead and figure out what the verdict will be?

Jumping ahead

Sticking with the court scenario, say you're a lawyer and you're preparing a case. You...

Gather all of the evidence you can find and split it into the most efficient categories you can
come up with. You win the case by overriding emotional speeches with your logic and
Gather all of the evidence and simulate as many possible scenarios as you can imagine. You
win the case by figuring out how an overlooked piece of evidence connected to the rest of
the case.

You're writing a story. How do you brainstorm it?

Start with a vague idea, branch off from that, and refine your favorite ideas. You come up
with something completely different from your original idea.
Think of events that happened to you personally and work off of that, using emotions and
remembered experiences to help with the imagery.

Someone insults you. Do you...

Come up with about 5 remarks in response immediately
Come up with the PERFECT comeback... but a little late...

In a group project you're the one who...

is coming up with new angles to try or ideas to incorporate.
Is contemplating which emotions drive the purpose of the presentation and how they
resonate with your own.

Are you more spontaneous or organized?


When in a relationship which do you focus on?

All of the fun things you can do together. You're constantly planning the next date.
How great you feel when you're with them and how to make sure they're happy in the

Do you concern yourself more with what to do next or finding meaning in what you're doing now?

What to do next

Which is more attractive to you?

Fun and experience
Intelligence and creativity

Which one sounds more like you?

Doing what makes you feel stimulated
Doing what makes you feel good

When making a decision you focus on...


How concerned are you with the meaning of your projects?

As long as I get it done, I don't care.
Very concerned. If it doesn't have enough meaning I would see no point in doing it.

When working on a project, you...

Focus on where it needs to go and how to get it there.
Focus on similar projects I've done in the past and redo what worked.

Do you prefer to use hard facts or inner emotions in arguments?

Just the facts.
Your emotions.

If you were writing a persuasive essay would you focus on the emotions it would convey or the meaning/ influence of the side you are presenting?

Meaning/ influence

When recalling a relevant event in your life, do you primarily remember...

Feelings like tension, happiness, or excitement
Important repercussions that happened as a result of it

Are you more often described as warm or analytical?


You acquire best understanding when you...

Have enough time to really think deeply about something.
When you can relate it to your past.

Do you tend to question meaning or seek it?

Seek it.
Question it.

Which is more relevant to how you make decisions?

The meaning of your choice and how it will affect other related things
How you feel at that moment and how your choice aligns with your morals and values

Do you rely on factual understandings or experience more?

Factual understanding

Your morals are...

Based on experience
Rigid and constant

Do you think more with your head or your heart?