What elemental are you? (1)

What elemental are you? (1)

Air, water, earth or fire? which one suits your personality the best out of them all?

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After a hard day at work, I usually prefer to:

read a good book
Tell someone everything that happened
eat some comfort food
have a glass of wine and relax

I admit I have a hard time with:

Humility (the quality of having a modest or low view of one's importance.)
Discretion (the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offence)
Possessiveness (demanding someone's total attention and love)

The people who baffle me are the ones who:

Prefer to be alone all the time.
don't care about educating themselves
Have no mementos, souvenirs, or other keepsakes
Don't play a game to win!

When I am confused, my preferred decision making method is to:

Finding the pros and cons of the answers and see which one scores best
Do whatever has worked in the past.
Go with my first instinct, whatever it is
Examine how I feel about the situation and do what feels right.

If that doesn't work, I might:

Do some research on the issue.
Meditate or check my astrology reading.
Ask the advice of someone who has been in a similar situation.
What do you mean? Of course it will work!

If I could choose only one of the following, I'd take:


The people I respect the most are:


I could never be:

A vagabond (wandering about with no home and few possessions)
A hermit (entirely alone)
A monk under a vow of silence

People like me because:

I'm the life of the party.
I'm smart.
I'm nurturing.
I'm dependable.
I'm creative.

But behind my back, I bet they say:

I'm a stick-in-the-mud or stubborn.
I'm a hothead or bossy
I have my head in the clouds.
I'm overly sensitive.