mermiad name

mermiad name

ever wondered what your mermaid name would be or if its pretty then you better take this quiz

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if a sea creature were hurt what would you do?

help it
read about taking care of it
pick it up and ask it whats wrong
leave it alone

if someone wants you to come on land and your mer-friend wanted you to go to the party what would you do?

go on land
stay in ocean
stay home
spend half the day at one then the other half at the

if you see a really interesting seashell on the beach but are scared to get get it because someone might notice your tail,what do you do?

make a wave with my powers and wash it to me in
the sea
i don't care if they see my tail i want the shell
stay in the sea it is too risky
sneak to the rim of the ocean only revealing my head

if one of your friends were in danger what would you do?

help them fight back
call for the mer-police and swim with them to her
find one of the other mermaids to do it.
read about the monster/mer-person and find its

so you see a boy on land that you really like.what do you do?

call him out to the ocean and make sure he doesn't
see your tail.
go for him. don't care if he finds out i am a mermaid
call him out to the deep ocean so he can't see
anything below the water
try to ignore him it is too risky

do you want to be a mermaid?

i guess
i could care less