Undertale Story | whats yours?

Undertale Story | whats yours?

Play Undertale again, only have the choices you would make in place of Frisk. How will your story end?

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*You wake up on a bed of yellow-golden flowers, in a cave that you can’t seem to get out of. What do you do?

Start Crying
Try to calm yourself, and tell yourself to breathe.
Curiosity gets the best of you, and you look around
Prepare a defence- who knows what could be down here?
Start listening to the voice in you head. They seem to know what to do.
Find a weapon, any weapon. You will not die to the hands of anyone!
Wait. Then walk around.

A friendly looking flower approaches you. What do you say?

“G-get away!”
“Uh... hi?”
“Woahhhh things just got weeeeird…!”
“What are you? Can you talk? Oh, sorry, I should be polite! What’s your name?”
*holds up weapon* “DON’T TRY ANYTHING.”
“Hi…can you help me? At all?”

*a female goat walks over to you. She says her name is Toriel.

Hey, um, can you uh, help me? I need to…………
Oh, hi! My name’s ______.
I like Bscotch, but Cinnamon will do.
*through tears* I’m so scared pls help meeeeee…
*points weapon at her* I-I’m smarter than you think!
H-hello…! You… you aren’t going to-to kill me, right?

While you wander Snowdin Forest, you hear footsteps behind you.

*pause and slowly looks around*
*whips out weapon* I KNOW YOU’RE THERE…!
*keep walking to the poorly made barricade.*
*stops* hello…?
*starts whimpering*
*continue walking but carefully and suspiciously*
*pretend not to hear*

Sans: *Hey kid. Want to go to grillby’s?

Uh, sure. Whatever.
Yeah, sure!
Grillbys? That’s where you get food. I neeeeeeeeeeeed fooood…
Sans: * uh, okay…?
No. I’m busy.
Yes, please!
What “short cut” this time?

*Your fight begins with Undyne

Come on, Undyne! I-i thought we were friends now…!
Ah… *fake punches* nyeh!
Fine. I’ll fight you…
*battle cry*
No! I will not fight you, Undyne!
F-fight you…? Again…?
We both know how this ends.

*you have the opportunity to snoop in Sans’ room. Yes or no?

Hehehe… OF COURSE…!
No, i’ll Respect his privacy…
I shouldn’t… ohhhhh but it can’t be helped!
I already know all his secrets…

*Pet lesser dog?

No. It’s a waste of time.
We all know what happens if I do…
Uh, okay…?
No, i’ll Kill it.

*you enter a fight with Asgore.

Asgore, we don’t have to do this…!
*hands over his/her soul* I can’t fight you.
*draws weapon* Prepare to die.
*i can do this i can do this i can do this i can do this…*
I just have to stall you. I know what happens next.
Please, there has to be another way!
*should I kill him? Idk…*

*you don’t know where you are, or what happened. Sans is with you.

Sans? What’s going on? Are you okay?
*draws weapon* I THOUGHT I WON ALREADY.
I killed you before, I can do it again.
Hey Sans. So… do you know where we are…?
*looks away* I have too much LV and EXP…
Sans, I’m sorry…*cries* I-I’m so, so sorry…!
…this isn’t supposed to happen.

The end! Hope you liked this quiz!

It was good.
It was crap, try again.
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