Adventure of Chances, Can you survive...

This is something different I wanted to try. You will enter a story I have created. At the end of the quiz you will receive an end to the story.

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A friend invites you to a party. You really trust your her. So what do you do?

(look into it and then accept)
(think about it then ask your parents)
(accept without question)

So you end up going to the party with your friend. When you arrive something doesn't seem right, and you get a bad feeling.

(you are very careful who you talk to)
(you stay close to your friend and don't talk to anyone)
(you avoid everyone)

A girl with glasses stops to talk with you. She seems like she could be anywhere from 10 years old to 14. The girl: Hello I'm Triana. You seem a little uncomfortable here, but then so do I.

(you look at her and think she looks trustworthy) you: Yeah... I'm getting a bad feeling being here.
(you look at her but don't answer)
you: yeah I'm [your name] (you aren't sure about her, and you walk away)

Triana: Be careful my friends and I think something's wrong here. (Triana then walks away)

(you decide to remember what she said)
(you will remember what she said but won't worry to much)
(you had walked away and didn't hear)

You realize your friend has disappeared. So you look for her without much luck. While looking for your friend someone nearly runs into you. He doesn't even stop to say sorry.

(you will worry about him later, since he likely thinks something's wrong like you think)
(you forget him and keep looking for your friend)
(you get really angry and yell, but get no response from him)

Later you learn your friend was killed likely with some type of edged weapon. Triana comes looking for you since she thinks it would be safer.
Triana: I need some help. Could you come along with me for now?

(you think for a few minutes before responding) you: Well I guess I can help.
you: Tell me why you need my help then I'll answer.
you: I'm really not sure about this. How can I be sure you're trustworthy?

Triana: Okay I need to find my other friends. The first one we need to find is David. (Triana leads and then runs to someone in the crowd) (you recognize the person as the guy who nearly ran into you earlier)

(you go ahead and follow anyway)
(you don't actually recognize him cause you were too busy before)
(you stop where you're at)

(Triana says something to the person, then they turn toward you) Triana: This is David. He'll be useful if he doesn't run off.

(you notice a note of humor in Triana's voice, and you respond humorously) you: You might right, but I think it'll be harder to keep him from trampling anyone.
you: Okay well I guess so.
you: I'm not sure I trust your judgement, but I'll go along with it for now.

Triana: Okay we really need to find the others. Where did you see them last David? (David shrugs and obviously hasn't seen them recently)
David: They're around somewhere, that's all I know.

you: Well we should really get looking for them then.
(you breath an exasperated sigh) you: We shouldn't be wasting time.
you: Well why don't either of you know where the others are? They're your friends aren't they!?

Triana: You have a point let's start looking now.

you: That's more like it.
you: We should have already been looking.
you: Finally!