FNaF RPG quiz! Episode 1: Getting the information

FNaF RPG quiz! Episode 1: Getting the information

My first one! I just want to see how this turns out! So, your Jake Shcmidt, Mike's brother. Ever since mike got fired, you took the job. However, the animatronics have changed. They saw Mike as the janitor that stuffed them into the suits. But now, they are friendly to you. Now have a fun way getting through 5 Nights at Freddy's!

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Jake: Ugh, *Walks in doors* Man, I'm gonna regret this. Mike -On his phone-: Don't worry. I'll get you through your first night.

Jake: Ok! -Shudders-
Jake: I just wanna beat up the animatronics

Mike: Ok! So the animatronics wander in the pizzeria at night.

Jake: Wait, wut? I signed up for this!?
Jake: Do they get to the office?

Mike: Yea, they move around. If they see you, they will want to stuff you in a suit.

Jake: are you sure?
Jake: I'll take my shotgun (If I had one..) and shoot them

Mike: I'll leave it to you, Jake! -Phone hangs up-

Jake: Lets go to the stage and really see! ):-3
Jake: Ummm, Lets just see

Jake: -Walks to stage- Umm, wow. They are creepy. -Freddy's head moves-

Jake: Waugh! -Runs to office-
Jake: Oh boy. I'm gonna regret this. Badly!