Which color fandom character are you?

Which color fandom character are you?

Are you shy like brown? Rebellious like red? Sassy like gold? Take this quiz to find out! #thecolorfandom

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Its Sunday, and you have the whole day ahead of you! What are your plans?

Nothing. Its Sunday and you're way
to tired. Just sleep tbh.
Do your homework. Homework
comes first. Then... Netflix? Who
Call my friends up! Lets get some
cash then go somewhere!
Maybe invite one person over, and go
for a bike ride? Something peaceful
Sports! Get some friends! Lets make
a team and play some soccer,
anything to get me running around!

You want to see he latest comedy, but you friend suggests a horror film! You havent seen many scary movies, maybe just one. What do you do?

Heck yea scary movie? Why didnt I
think of that?
I suppose... I would rather do to the
comedy, but i can handle it.
Oh gosh... I'll ask if we can go to the
comedy, but if they still want to see it
i just wont go...
Oh heck no. I insist we see the
comedy, it got better ratings anyway

What are your hobbies?

Writing, drawing, painting, maybe an
instrument, sometimes i sing, not
much, however.
Sports, football, soccer, track, etc.
Theater, dance, singing, acting
Designing, fashion, anything where i
make things look fab
Math, science, engineering, stuff like

What is your favorite thing about fall/winter?

Being able to wear those jeans that
have been in my closet for months!
Pumpkin spice, muffins, hot chocoa,
ahhhh so much food
Sledding, skiing, snowball fights!
Watching the snowfall, watching the
leaves turn red, and then stepping on
them and making that crinkle noise

You have a crush on a totally cute person. How do you react?

Say nothing. At all. Are you kidding?
letting people know you like someone
is social suicide.
Go for it! ask them to the football
game or something, (who knows
what kids do the days)
Flirt a lil bit, but never officially
announce that you like them. They
gotta come to this bod first.
Tell your closest friends, and let them
tease you. But you swear if they tell
a single sole...

what outfit/style would you want to wear the most?

Nike shirts, sports pants, the latest
sneakers, goota look cool yo
Sweaters and jeans, darker
colors, blends in, but looks good, and
is comfy
Cute top, skirts, or skinny jeans,
maybe some jewelry, vans or heels,
Bright t-shirts, jeans and other
pants, something that stands out

Do you tell your friends everything?

No, they're called personal thoughts
for a reason
I have one or two friends that I can
trust with everything I tell them.
Of course I tell them everything!
That's why they're my friends?

What's your favorite tv genre?

Reality Tv, it's hilarious and addicting!
Action, mystery, drama :0
Comedies, sitcoms, Rom coms ;0

What is your hogwarts house?


Is it easy for you to make friends?

No, I'm not good at talking to people
I don't know, even if they come to
me first
If they come to me first, I can
sustain a conversation
Oh heck yes, I can go up to people
and become friends!

Do you appreciate your alone time?

Eh, i dont like to be lonely.
I like it, but i dont need a lot of it.
yES. I love being alone, not that i don't like my friends.